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Mojo Fitness

Dance Fitness Re-Invented

Using music as our “drill sergeant” and with the help of HIIT (high intensity interval training) techniques, the Mojo Method combines cardio & strength building benefits in one workout safely, for all exercise levels and rhythms.

The object of the “game” is to keep moving with intention and power …and have FUN with it.

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Mojo means results

Increased metabolism

Beautifully toned upper body

A stronger core

A toned and taut posterior

A more youthful, sexier & happier you

Increased stamina and strength

Increased brain agility

Lower stress levels

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Mojo In-Person Classes

Unlimited access for $10/month

$15/Drop-In Studio Class

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Mojo In-Person Classes

Unlimited access for $10/month

$15/Drop-In Studio Class

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Form is Power

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) meets dance – with a difference

With the help of heart-pumping music and without the use of cumbersome, dangerous weights, The Mojo Method transforms our body into a cardiovascular weight machine with attitude. By combining current dance moves with uniquely effective training techniques, we’re able to invite more accessory muscles to the party which results in prettier muscles. Throw in varying levels of speed, rhythm and intensity and we have a cardio & strengthening workout that lights up your entire body (and brain) like a Christmas tree and rewards you with more calories burned at rest – the key to true weight loss.

Not a seasoned dancer? New to exercise? No matter your exercise level or sense of rhythm, the Mojo Method will show you how to modify your moves and rhythms, so you can efficiently and effectively burn fat and strengthen muscle. We’re not practicing for a dance recital, we’re moving to a beat with power, intention and rhythm – we’re Mojo-ing!

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Mojo Fitness - Form is power
Mojo Fitness - Form is power
Mojo Fitness secret ingredient

Our Secret Ingredient

Popular original music and fitness-focused moves take the edge off with magical results.

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What our members have to say

"Thank you for my arms!"

I’m in my early 40s and I’ve never felt stronger. Thanks to Mojo’s LIVE and online workouts, I have been consistent with 3 to 4xs a week sessions - which is what makes the difference.

Rebecca Casey
Philadelphia, PA
"It's a fabulous workout"

With the help of Mojo's LIVE and online classes, I've lost 15lbs and I've kept it off. It didn't happen over night. I just kept at it and slowly increased my intensity– which in turn forced my body to adapt by gradually getting stronger and leaner.It's a fabulous workout and you don't have to be a "dancer".

Robin Campion
Philadelphia, PA
"I’m sticking with Mojo Online!"

My sister has been raving about Mojo Fitness for over a year. I decided to join her. Now.....I get it!!! After today's 55 min session, I was thrilled to see I did 6,391 steps and 20 minutes in peak... that is the most ever I’ve done! I've officially cancelled my OrangeTheory membership... I’m sticking with Mojo Online!!

Pat Macksey
Ardmore, PA
"Thank you for filling my days with joy"

Having started Mojo a month after my 30th, I can't even explain how much it has changed my life this past year... Thank you for filling my days with joy, happiness and the sassy confidence to shake my booty like no one is watching! (whether they are or aren’t)

Joanna DiRienzi
Philadelphia, PA
"I can take Mojo wherever life takes me!"

Thank you for making Mojo Online! I have access to a fun, yet intense workout whenever my schedule permits. I love that there are options such as the 1 hour classes or the 30 minute sessions. And the best part is that I can take Mojo wherever life takes me!

Anna Coombs
Mount Pleasant, SC
"Mojo online is brilliant!"

Mojo online is brilliant! With my busy lifestyle it gives me the chance to jump in and do a workout anytime day or night.  I also love the options of a 15 min, 30 minute or 50 minute workout and the "abs or arms".  I run the class on a big screen TV and It really feels like I am in the room with friends. It also leaves me with no excuse not to do it and I feel great.

Kathy Greeley
Devon, PA
Mojo Fitness secret ingredient

Ready when you are.

Mojo in person. Mojo LIVEStream. Mojo online. Just Mojo.

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