February 28, 2021

5 Lifestyle Tips for Real, Sustainable Results

Whatever your dreams or goals are for the new year, one thing is 100% certain: 

You will do “it” better,
You will enjoy “it” more
you are more likely to succeed and keep “it” that way –
if you have a well-rounded, intensity-infused exercise (and nutrition) regimen
that is frequent and consistent.


One of Mojo‘s most endearing and celebrated characteristics is that the average Mojo friend has been with us for 3 years or more.

Our secret? The workout itself is “serious” and delightfully intense, but the journey itself is anything BUT those things.  We do our best to be welcoming and inspirational for all exercise levels and rhythms. We are known for mixing it up and keeping things lively.

My thanks to all of you for helping us keep it that way for 13 years!

For those of you who are intent on dropping pounds fast, here are a few tips to consider for REAL lifestyle results:

  1. Fasting and unsustainable diets are short-term dangerous fixes. 
    Don’t deprive yourself.
    You may initially see fewer lbs on the scale, but you will lose muscle,
    gain fat and possibly accrue even more pounds in the long run.
  2. Building and maintaining muscle boosts your metabolism and burns more calories 24/7.
    In order to gain muscle, you need to EAT an appropriate combination of protein, fiber, and (healthy) fat/carbs.
    Veggies are your friend. Sugar is a toxic friend.
    *Check out this helpful article on we sabotage our health, waistline, skin, sleep, and mental health with sugar.*
  3. Intensity matters. 
    In order to SEE muscle, you gotta burn the layer on top first. If you’re serious about getting into shape, you need a combination of cardio and muscle strengthening. According to the Mayo Clinic: “To maintain weight, we should get our heart rate up for at least 20 consecutive minutes 3 times a week. If you are looking to lose weight, you need at least 5 sessions a week – in addition to muscle strengthening.” ONE Mojo workout provides cardio+strength training benefits simultaneously
  4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else but yourself.
    As long as you’re continually challenging yourself and pushing your comfort zone, you WILL see results.
  5. Getting fit is not a quick fix.
    For the best results, create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and makes you smile. It will take time and it won’t be easy, but the rewards will change your life.
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