November 22, 2015

A Welcome Surprise…

Mojo Friends,

Brave-ing it: Last Wednesday,Tricia Zervanos brought her honey, Atlanta Braves Manager, Fredi Gonzales, for a little Mojo. What a sport! Savvy blogger (and Mojo friend) Caroline O’Halloran wrote about it this week (cute picture included)…/savvy-shorts-my-big-screen-debu…/

After Thanksgiving, it’s a caloric free fall till January. It doesn’t have to be that way! Keep your metabolic engine revving through interval exercise (Mojo!) Once it’s going, it’s fairly easy to keep it going. Once you lose it, it’s difficult to rev it again because of stubborn inertia (An object at rest tends to stay at rest!). Stay the course and keep shaking it up. That turkey dinner will taste so much better!

Tips toward a thinner T-giving (via Web MD)

#1 Before indulging, create a calorie deficit by getting active. Increase your fitness regimen days before to stave off weight gain.

  • If you’re cooking, sampling the meal while cooking may add more calories than you realize
  • At dinner, eat slowly and put the fork down in-between bites
  • Choose the foods with the whole grains, fruit, veggies and with lots of water to help add to the feeling of fullness
  • Go easy on the alcohol
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