About Mojo Fitness

Mojo’s first priority is to get a comprehensive work out. Though we all have fun dancing, we are not trying to become “dancers”.

Mojo classes are designed to emphasize proper form and fitness technique, rather than precise dance steps or a proper samba. Teaching proper form first, allows Mojo friends to individualize the workout according to our varying rhythms and exercise levels. As a result, every Mojo experience is a heart pumping, strength building, calorie burning workout. More importantly, our class is more like a dance club experience than a dance class; less stressful, more FUN and deliciously addicting!

The great thing about Mojo Fitness is no two classes are alike, so we’re constantly keeping our bodies and brains guessing. With each new song introduced, we’re exploring new muscle groups and rhythms.  As long as you keep a strong core and good posture, no one cares what moves you do or how you do them. We just want you to keep moving and have fun with it!

It’s about enjoying great music while exploring new muscle groups and fun new ways to move your body. It’s a liberating feeling and part of the Mojo “high”.

Click on one of the videos below to see Mojo Fitness in action!

What can you expect from a 1-hour Mojo workout?

  • Increased metabolism – more calories burned all day long
  • Beautifully toned upper body – shoulders, triceps, back, clavicle
  • Increased stamina and strength – more energy to face your day
  • A stronger core – flatter stomach and better posture
  • A toned and taut posterior /booty
  • Improved memory and brain functioning
  • A more youthful, sexier and happier you!

“Mojo Fitness is more like a dance club rather than a dance class
Melissa Schweiter, Devon PA

"Agility" Training with Conestoga High School's Girls Soccer Teams

“Agility” Training with Conestoga High School’s Girls Soccer Teams