Meet the Mojo Fitness Team

Cindy Brauer

Founder, Fitness Choreographer, Fitness Motivator
AFAA (Group Exercise Certified)

Bio – Cindy grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, with profoundly deaf parents, Viv and Joe Carrico, and three feisty hearing siblings. Viv enjoyed the art of dance, because she felt it was a way to “see” music. With Viv as inspiration, Cindy grew up dancing and became adept at choreography – bringing music to life. Cindy danced and choreographed her way through college at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) as the captain of a performance dance team,The Golden Girls. She also choreographed of a number of stage productions…a few of which were produced with Brad Pitt. Her experience working in theater taught her that anyone can dance – with the right choreography.

Cindy’s passion for the arts evolved into a 20 year career in broadcast television as the host/producer of promotional television shows including, American Spotlight (Financial News Network), The Consumer’s Connection (Fox Television) and a variety of corporate and independent projects. As a producer, Cindy learned how to utilize music to manipulate emotions and drive home a story. This experience proved to be a uniquely valuable skill set as a fitness choreographer.

Having moved to the Philly area with older kids and a husband who traveled extensively, Cindy felt the need to mix things up. In 2010, she combined her choreography, fitness and television production expertise to “produce” a music based, interval fitness class, Mojo Fitness. She started with a roomful of friends in a small dance studio teaching the traditional Zumba curriculum. Seeking a more fitness-focused regimen, with a wider, more popular, selection of music, and dance styles, Cindy created Mojo Fitness. Eight years later, with only “word of mouth” advertising, Mojo has grown to gymnasiums full of friends – all ages, rhythms and exercise levels.

How Mojo Fitness changed my life…

beforeafterGrowing up as a dancer, I never had to “try” to stay in shape, so most exercise regimens were mundane and boring to me. I was active and played tennis five days a week, but had gained 25 pounds since college and sported an unruly muffin top. After I started teaching four Mojo classes a week, I lost three sizes – and have kept them off. I’m sporting “guns”, and my energy level rivals any teenager. Most importantly, I’m having a blast dancing with my Mojo friends all week long. ~ Cindy

Haidee Sullivan: Instructor, Low Impact Specialist
As one of our more “mature” specialists, Haidee is a fitness phenom and a wonderful example of how to maintain a youthful, muscular physique via a low-impact exercise regimen.
A former Jazzercise franchisee/ instructor for 7 years, Haidee is well-trained on how to burn calories and strengthen muscle tone without sacrificing your joints along the way.
Her secret to a lean and mean physique? “Don’t Stop! There are always so many reasons to put exercise on the back burner. Don’t give in.”Haidee says her commitment to a healthy lifestyle has paid her back in youthful dividends.
Haidee’s passion to help others inspired her to become certified in health coaching. Whether the topic is weight management or increasing energy, she provides hands-on support for clients looking to lead healthier lives.
For more information, check out her website: Health By Haidee

Laura Yancoskie – Instructor, Low/High Impact Specialist

An ex-cheerleader with a razor sharp memory, Laura is a spit-fire who brings delicious energy to our evening class. Laura was not a fan of group classes, but is now addicted to the Mojo boost and gets antsy when her Mojo schedule is disrupted.
“The class flies by and I can feel it the next day. I hit muscles I didn’t know existed and it puts me in such a great mood!”
Laura is a “Jersey girl” with three young boys. She works with her hubby at their recruiting firm in King of Prussia and enjoys watching her sons’ sports, volunteering at school and hanging out with friends and family.