About Mojo Fitness

About Mojo Fitness

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What is Mojo?

Mojo’s #1 priority is providing a total body, cardio, and strengthening workout simultaneously for all exercise levels and rhythms. No cumbersome equipment needed. If you enjoy dancing and moving to music (who doesn’t!), you will love Mojo.

Most dance fitness programs focus on learning complicated choreography. We feel this diffuses the intensity, power and potential of a workout. Mojo Fitness routines are easier to follow so that you can focus on getting RESULTS. Using unique science-based training techniques, every single move is designed to chisel muscle, burn fat – and bring out your inner pop star.

No plateauing! Since no two songs and no two routines are alike, we’re constantly keeping our bodies (and brains) guessing. With each new song introduced, we’re exploring new muscle groups. If you are patient with yourself, it’s truly amazing what your body and brain can do together – and how much fun you can have along the way.


Mojo means results

Increased metabolism

Beautifully toned upper body

A stronger core

A toned and taut posterior

A more youthful, sexier & happier you

Increased stamina and strength

Increased brain agility

Lower stress levels

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Mojo In-Person Classes

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Start Your Free
Virtual Trial Now

Mojo In-Person Classes

Unlimited access for $10/month

$15/Drop-In Studio Class

Form is Power

As with any sport, the better your form, the more power you accrue, and the quicker your results.

The Mojo Method combines fun and empowering dance moves with HIIT methods. Instruction is focused less on teaching dance “steps” and more on how to safely take your workout to the next level.

Many dance fitness programs leave choreography to the discretion of the instructor, which can make the experience and results frustratingly inconsistent. With Mojo, every single session is scientifically designed to put a playful and decisive kick in your metabolism, which means your body will burn more fat all day and night long.

Put a Little Mojo In It

Add more power and intensity to any cardio jam session with these training tips.


In Mojo, your body becomes a cardiovascular weight machine. Instead of using heavy, cumbersome weights, your arms and legs become “weights.” To get the most out of your workout, a strong foundation is essential to achieving results and avoiding injury: chin parallel to the floor, shoulders down and back, core and glutes engaged.


Using our unique HIIT training methods, you will enjoy both cardio and strengthening benefits, no matter what your exercise level. As long as you challenge yourself – your heart rate is up and you have a slightly hard time talking – you’re getting a great workout. Just. Keep. Moving.
Mojo Fitness Intensity

Brain Boost

Studies prove that cardiovascular exercise with a pattern is one of the best ways to keep our brains young. Making split-second decisions while moving in synch with music is an excellent way to build brain agility. Aerobic exercise releases “feel good” endorphins and lowers symptoms related to anxiety. It also allows the brain a brief escape which diffuses tension.
Brain boost

Fatigue is the Goal

Tired? Great! We build muscles and our heart rate improves only after pushing through the burn and becoming fatigued. After a challenging workout, your body will repair and adapt by building more muscle and boosting metabolism, which means you are burning more calories while at rest.
Fatigue is the goal

Pain is Not Good

Good mojo comes through listening to your body. The music and energy of a Mojo workout will energize and challenge you to new, exciting levels of endurance. If at any time you feel a jabbing pain, STOP. It signals you have an injury and it needs to be dealt with accordingly. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email Cindy@mojofitness.biz or text, (704) 819-1574.

Upper Body Technique

Because we move our upper body with equal vigor to our lower body, our arms become heavier and become virtual weights in Mojo workouts. Even when your arms are up, keep your shoulders down and back and your arms in front of you so as not to strain your shoulders.

Lower Body Technique

Dancing on the balls of your feet eventually wreaks havoc on the entire body. It propels your body forward, is hard on your knees and diffuses power. Bringing your heels down to the floor whenever possible will help you access more muscle groups which will provide you with more balance, more power, and more endurance.


What our members have to say

"Thank you for my arms!"

I’m in my early 40s and I’ve never felt stronger. Thanks to Mojo’s LIVE and online workouts, I have been consistent with 3 to 4xs a week sessions - which is what makes the difference.

Rebecca Casey
Philadelphia, PA
"It's a fabulous workout"

With the help of Mojo's LIVE and online classes, I've lost 15lbs and I've kept it off. It didn't happen over night. I just kept at it and slowly increased my intensity– which in turn forced my body to adapt by gradually getting stronger and leaner.It's a fabulous workout and you don't have to be a "dancer".

Robin Campion
Philadelphia, PA
"I’m sticking with Mojo Online!"

My sister has been raving about Mojo Fitness for over a year. I decided to join her. Now.....I get it!!! After today's 55 min session, I was thrilled to see I did 6,391 steps and 20 minutes in peak... that is the most ever I’ve done! I've officially cancelled my OrangeTheory membership... I’m sticking with Mojo Online!!

Pat Macksey
Ardmore, PA
"Thank you for filling my days with joy"

Having started Mojo a month after my 30th, I can't even explain how much it has changed my life this past year... Thank you for filling my days with joy, happiness and the sassy confidence to shake my booty like no one is watching! (whether they are or aren’t)

Joanna DiRienzi
Philadelphia, PA
"I can take Mojo wherever life takes me!"

Thank you for making Mojo Online! I have access to a fun, yet intense workout whenever my schedule permits. I love that there are options such as the 1 hour classes or the 30 minute sessions. And the best part is that I can take Mojo wherever life takes me!

Anna Coombs
Mount Pleasant, SC
"Mojo online is brilliant!"

Mojo online is brilliant! With my busy lifestyle it gives me the chance to jump in and do a workout anytime day or night.  I also love the options of a 15 min, 30 minute or 50 minute workout and the "abs or arms".  I run the class on a big screen TV and It really feels like I am in the room with friends. It also leaves me with no excuse not to do it and I feel great.

Kathy Greeley
Devon, PA

Meet our Mojo Team

The Golden Girls, University of Missouri (Mizzou) circa 1985

Cindy Brauer

Founder, Award-Winning Fitness Choreographer, Athletics and Fitness Foundation of America, Group Exercise Certified, Captain and Choreographer of the Golden Girls 1984 & 1985

Cindy family pictureCindy grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, with her profoundly deaf parents, Viv and Joe Carrico, and three feisty hearing siblings. Viv enjoyed the art of dance because she felt it was a way to “see” music. With Viv as inspiration, Cindy grew up dancing and became adept at choreography – bringing music to life. Cindy danced and choreographed her way through college at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) as the captain of a performance dance team, The Golden Girls.


She also choreographed a number of stage productions, a few of which were produced with Brad Pitt. Her experience working in theater taught her that anyone can dance – with the right choreography.

Cindy’s passion for the arts evolved into a 20-year career in broadcast television as the host/producer of promotional television shows including, American Spotlight (Financial News Network), The Consumer’s Connection (Fox Television) and a variety of corporate and independent projects. As a producer, Cindy learned how to utilize music to manipulate emotions and drive home a story. This experience proved to be a uniquely valuable skill set as a fitness choreographer.

Having moved to the Philadelphia area with older kids and a husband who traveled extensively, Cindy felt the need to mix things up. In 2010, she combined her choreography, fitness and television production expertise to produce a music based, interval fitness class, Mojo Fitness. She started with a roomful of friends in a small dance studio teaching the traditional Zumba curriculum. Seeking a more HIIT fitness-focused regimen, Cindy created Mojo Fitness. Fourteen years later, with only word of mouth advertising, Mojo has grown to an internationally recognized, award winning fitness regimen for all ages, rhythms and exercise levels.


“Growing up as a dancer, I never had to try to stay in shape, so most exercise regimens were mundane and boring to me. I was active and played tennis five days a week, but had gained 25 pounds since college and sported an unruly muffin top. After I started teaching four Mojo classes a week, I lost three sizes – and have kept them off. I’m sporting “guns”, and my energy level rivals any teenager. Most importantly, I’m having a blast dancing with my Mojo friends all week long.”

Cindy Brauer before and after


Instructor, Low/High Impact Specialist

An ex-cheerleader with a razor sharp memory, Laura is a spitfire who brings delicious energy to all our classes. Laura was not a fan of group classes, but is now addicted to the Mojo boost and gets antsy when her Mojo schedule is disrupted. “The class flies by and I can feel it the next day,” she says. “I hit muscles I didn’t know existed and it puts me in such a great mood!”

Laura is a no-drama, no-nonsense Jersey girl with three young boys. She works with her hubby at their recruiting firm in King of Prussia and enjoys watching her sons’ sports, volunteering at school and hanging out with friends and family.


Instructor, Low/High Impact Specialist

As one of our more mature specialists, Haidee is a fitness phenom and a wonderful example of how to maintain a youthful, muscular physique via a low-impact exercise regimen.

A former Jazzercise franchisee and instructor for seven years, Haidee is well-trained on how to burn calories and strengthen muscle tone without sacrificing your joints along the way. Her secret to a lean and mean physique? “Don’t Stop! There are always so many reasons to put exercise on the back burner. Don’t give in.” Haidee says her commitment to a healthy lifestyle has paid her back in youthful dividends.

Haidee’s passion to help others inspired her to become certified in health coaching. Whether the topic is weight management or increasing energy, she provides hands-on support for clients looking to lead healthier lives. Website: Health By Haidee



We’re thrilled to welcome Gema Arredondo (The “G” is pronounced with an “H”) to our Mojo Fitness crew. Gema is a teacher from Toledo, Spain (a stunning medieval town) and grew up studying flamenco dancing. While she loves Latin style dancing, when it comes to workouts, Mojo is her go-to.

“Mojo makes me work so much harder than most dance style workouts, but it’s still fun. I love how much stronger it has made me. I have muscle in my arms and in my curves. My husband likes cycling, Mojo is my sport. I love it!”



Deena has been Mojoing with us since day one in 2009. While she’s a little on the shy side, she’s impossibly cool. She’s become a close friend we can count on to help boost the energy factor up a few notches. We need all the help we can get!

“My Mojo journey started when I was about to break 200lbs – and I was not going to let that happen. I was never one to exercise, because it was so repetitive and boring to me. I loved the way it made me feel. That’s when I started thinking differently. I found myself walking more and making better food choices at home, and the weight started melting off,” she says.

“I find myself drawn to the wonderful energy of the music and the friends I’ve made through the years. If it wasn’t for Mojo I’d be over the 200 mark and I’m so thankful.”



Accompanied by an enchanted blonde ponytail and infectious energy, you’d never know Dolores was a systems engineer. Since joining our crew in 2010, Mojo has become a family affair she shares with both daughters, Rachel and Juliana – both of whom have appeared in our videos.

Since Dolores’ Mojo lifestyle began, she has lost two sizes and has kept it off. She’s enjoying a more taut midsection and continues to see new muscle groups come to life.

“I am an active person and I love the energy boost I get from the HIIT workout. The cardio is better than anything I have done before. Cindy’s encouragement to focus on engaging core muscles and adding resistance to my motions make each class new and challenging. The music is infectious and I am guaranteed to be exhausted and happy after each class!”



Since Michael was 5 years old, our community has been the beneficiary of his authentic, athletic, and infectious spirit. Having participated in team sports all his life, Michael says Mojo is his “happy place”, because of our welcoming community and zero-stress approach to getting a great workout.

“Not only do we exercise our bodies, but we also give our minds a break for an hour. I like Mojo’s low-key philosophy, If we cannot do one of the moves, just keep moving and have fun with it.”

Michael’s positive vibes are just as contagious outside our Mojo community, as he was just voted Great Valley High School’s senior class Homecoming King this year. He is headed to The University of Delaware next fall but promises to come back and jam it out with us when possible.

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