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Wall Street Journal Jan 2021

Cindy Brauer, founder of Mojo Fitness, a studio in Wayne, Pa., moved her dance-based workouts to a nearby amphitheater. There’s enough space to go maskless and blast music. She set the original temperature limit at 40 degrees, but recently dropped it to 33.

“It feels like I’m playing a game of limbo with our community. How cold can they go?” Ms. Brauer says. With December classes still drawing 25 to 30 people, she wonders if “Polar-style Mojo” might have a future beyond the pandemic.

VistaToday Jan 2021

Despite the dropping temperatures, a Malvern woman’s popular dance workouts continue to attract fitness enthusiasts to Wilson Farm Park in Chesterbrook, writes Caroline O’Halloran for SAVVY Main Line.

Cindy Brauer, founder of Mojo Fitness, had to move workouts to the park’s amphitheater when the pandemic forced her to cancel in-person classes.

She thought she would be able to teach there until October or early November at best. But well into December 2020, Mojo’s “HIIT Hop in the Park” workouts are not slowing down. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training.

get rid of your winter blues
Savvy Main Line Dec 2020

It’s chilly, the wind is picking up, and the sun is fading.
Time to start dinner or curl up by the fire.
Not for the women warriors of Mojo Fitness.

When the pandemic forced Mojo founder Cindy Brauer to move her popular dance workouts to the Wilson Farm Park amphitheater in Tredyffrin, she thought she’d teach there until October, early November, tops.

dancedispatches-bestcardio-a May 2020

Mojo Fitness is pleased to be featured in article
Online Dance Workouts: The Best Dance Cardio Classes.

Although Mojo Fitness provides fitness dance classes, the emphasis is not on perfecting a specific dance technique. You will learn the proper form for certain exercises to prevent injury, but the cardio dance class can be individualized by completing the movements at a different pace or adjusting the range of movement and intensity. You should feel to develop your own dance style, too. When you’re jamming out to popular songs, you’ll feel what Mojo Fitness is “more like a dance club experience than a dance class.”

Fitness Tips & Tidbits
Fitness Columnist: Cindy Brauer
As the founder of Mojo Fitness, Cindy Brauer of Malvern, PA has written a series of columns taking a facts-based look at dieting, exercise and metabolism in the Main Line Times Flair column MOVE! Learn more about how to get MOVE!-ing with Mojo Fitness.
Main Line Media News

How often do you and your teenage daughter have fun together these days? For local moms who’ve discovered Mojo Fitness classes, it’s an enviable two nights a week.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30, up to 50 Mojo mavens – about half of them mother-daughter duos – shimmy, squat, sweat and sometimes get silly together in a Paoli gym.

Unique to the western Main Line, Mojo Fitness is a high-energy cardio and strength workout that combines easy-to-follow dance and muscle-toning moves with current pop and hip-hop music.

Main Line Media News

Let’s say you’ve been awarded the biggest project of your career but have only one week to whip it together. Do you keep your weekly workout or ditch it?

According to scientific research, the resounding answer is: keep it! Exercise is life’s secret weapon; it’s a natural medication that helps you feel more confident, focused and energized. (Addiction to this drug is actually a good thing.)

Mojo means results

Increased metabolism

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A stronger core

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A more youthful, sexier & happier you

Increased stamina and strength

Increased brain agility

Lower stress levels

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