February 20, 2015

Are you grumpy?

The choice between a warm, cozy home or a Mojo class can get tricky on a cold winter day. Though looking good in a pair of jeans is a wonderful motivation, it’s a scientific reality that getting a heart pumping cardio workout will put you in a better mood. Endorphins, a natural hormone released with exercise, is a natural mood boosting “medication” that helps reduce stress, boost self esteem, improve sleep and ward off feelings of anxiety.

-Sarah Keyes says Mojo relaxes her and helps make her a more patient mom
-Linda Izet, “I love to dance! At my age, I want to do something fun and with fun people, and my knees and old joints feel great these days”
-Adrienne Medley, “When I get to class, I know I will have a better day”

Squeeze those glutes
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