March 28, 2015

Bravely Dancing

Recently, Leah Raup (one of our low impact side kicks), had her first article published in It’s about a special fitness class that helped her find herself again (wink, wink). I wonder how many of you can relate to her experience…

This is a short excerpt:

“I forced myself to make it through each song. My chest ached for a stronger sports bra, and I was terrified that at any moment I would pee myself…Since starting the class I have lost 50 plus pounds and gained muscle tone and strength. However, the true measure of what I have gained is much greater.  I am finding myself again. I lost all sense of myself as graceful and fluid.  However, my fitness class reminded me of my great passion for dance.  It makes me feel alive and free. For an hour a few times a week, I get to be a young girl again – moving, bending, stretching gracefully.”  Beautifully written, Leah. Congrats and thanks for sharing! For the full excerpt:  Bravely Dancing

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