March 13, 2015


“Breathe!” is a phrase I tend to shout between breaths during class.

Though this seems redundant, here’s why: Proper breathing is as vital to a cardio workout as good form and equally as rejuvenating as a good swig of water! More oxygen in our blood increases our endurance level, decreases lactic acid build up in our muscles and helps us relax. Here are some tips that may surprise you:

Alignment: Good posture keeps our spine in alignment. It also helps you breathe easier, deeper which oxygenates our blood at a higher rate. Healthy doses of oxygen can be uniquely satisfying,

Abdominal breathing: Draw full breaths in through your nose, allow your abdomen to rise naturally then contract slightly as you push the air back out. Practice while seated (or when you need a “chill pill”). Soon it will become naturally. You’ll benefit from greater blood flow and improved oxygen supply to your brain and muscles. You’ll also feel more relaxed.

“Through the nose”  Training yourself to breathe through the nose, filters impurities and warms the air as it enters your body, protecting your lungs from cold air and pollutants.

“Whoop” it up! Singing, shouting and even talking during a workout increases our oxygen intake = more energy = more calories burned = more fun!

Most importantly, Don’t forget to exhale! That’s the relaxing part :-)

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