February 13, 2023

Tips On Finding A Proper Cardio Sports Bra

It makes my heart (and breasts) hurt when I see a friend holding on to her breasts or avoiding cardio segments because of an inadequate or worn out sports bra. Ouch!
It’s hard enough work to get the ole’ heart rate to work harder without having to worry about discomfort along the way. 85% of all women agree that a good sports bra helped improve their enjoyment of exercise, which is half the battle. Finding a good supportive sports bra might be a little pricey, but they’re worth their weight in gold. To help you along, I will be sharing some Do-It-Yourself tips on giving your girls and instant lift as well as what to look for in a supportive sports bra. To make it even easier for you, I’ll also share some helpful links for you to scratch it off your to-do list. 
Did you know that our breast have zero muscle? Without proper support, the skin and Cooper’s ligaments – ligaments near the breast which give them their size and shape- can break down and cause sagging. Once your Cooper’s ligaments stretch out, they don’t bounce back. Also, tears in the ligaments are irreversible and can cause premature shape issues, particularly in younger women.

Laura Yancoskie, in pink

What is the best bra for cardio? Fellow instructor, Laura Yancoskie, is on a constant quest to find the best, most economical bouncing “bestie”. After years of searching, she believes two are better than one.

Avia Women’s Sports Bra


“On behalf of the well-endowed gals. I wear two bras when doing cardio – a regular sports bra and then a compression sports bra on top of the regular sports bra the helps restrict movement. The bra that works for me right now, is The Avia Women’s Sports Bra, from Walmart. It comes in variety of colors” Only $10!!



Athleta Bounce Bra

Athleta Bounce Bra

Personally, I have two bras that make my girls happy, The first is the Athleta Bounce bra, $69. Unfortunately, you cannot always find it at the local Athleta store anymore, but you can find it online. I find they run pretty true to size. 
Syrokan Women's Sports Bra

Syrokan Women’s Sports Bra

A recent new discovery that also happens to be Amazon’s top ranked sports bra is,  SYROKAN Women’s Sports Bra with Front Adjustable High Impact Support Padded Wireless Racerback Running Bra, $28… It’s a good price, comes in a variety of colors and is awfully pretty too! 
Interested in giving your “girls” an instant boost? Try DYOBL – “Doing Your Own Breast Lift”.
Standing without hunching your shoulders or slouching will give you a younger, more energetic and attractive appearance. Lifting your chest while standing tall is equivalent of giving yourself a do
it yourself breast lift. All you have to do is: 
  • Stand up straight
  • Chin up, shoulders down & back
  • Stomach lightly contracted and presto!

Whether you’re sitting, standing or Mojo-ing, good posture is essential toward looking and feeling healthy, energetic and confident. When your posture is properly aligned it allows for better access and control of our anterior/posterior muscles, which strengthens our spine, protects against injury, shaves off pounds instantaneously and allows your “girls” to be properly introduced! 

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