December 4, 2015

Crunch Time!

Mojo Friends,

Do you want to maximize your energy and fat burning potential during the holiday time crunch? You gotta workout smarter.

Maximize your burn

Though we have lots of fun and we’re of all exercise levels, Mojo is a no-nonsense HIIT workout. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a training technique in which we give all-out 100% effort through quick intense bursts of energy (chops, sprint, arm rolls) followed by short, lower intensity recovery periods. HIIT keeps the heart rate going longer and burns more fat in less time. It’s also touted as the best way to hold onto muscle while burning fat which allows us to burn more calories at rest – the holy grail.

Mindfulness…and Dr. Kate

Since I have had the pleasure of shaking it up with your more playful selves, it can be a challenge to imagine some of you in a more serious mode (not that I’m complaining!) Dr. Kate Wunner is one of those people. A regular 2xs a week Mojo friend, Kate is adventurous, feisty and full of energy…She also happens to be a well-decorated academic powerhouse. Kate counsels the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools Commission on Accreditation and was once the head of the Haverford School for Boys Lower School. Now semi-retired, Kate says she considers Mojo a wonderful way to exercise her brain, “It’s not just the joy of the movement, but the challenge of keeping my mind on the moves. It’s an excellent exercise in mindfulness too. I find my brain has a hard time sitting still in some of the more quiet regimens.” I’m with you, GF. Party on!


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