October 23, 2017

Do Less Achieve More

40% of what we do every day isn’t a decision — it’s a habit.

Research from Duke University shows that If we can learn to control a few of our naughtier behaviors, we can change our lives. Easier said than done? According to Charles Duhigg’s, author of “The Power of Habit”, the secret to developing healthier and happier habits is: Do Less.

“You don’t need to overhaul your life. Like any project, scratch off one behavior at a time. In general, people should consider change as a project that takes a little while… It’s worth spending a month to change one behavior permanently. You’re going to be reaping the benefits of that for the next decade.”

Here’s a few tips to help get that ‘project’ started:

  • The 20 second rule: According to behavior economist, Shawn Achor, “If you can make bad habits 20 seconds harder to begin, you’re far less likely to engage in them.”
  • Make it harder for temptation to strike by getting your workout gear ready the night before. The night before class, you might have every intention of getting to class. But in the next morning or after work, it’s easy for the interest in getting a good sweat to trickle away with the ‘to do’ list. The sooner you get your tennis shoes on, the less likely you will change your mind. Remember how good you always feel afterward!
  • Keep healthy snacks easily accessible 3:00pm is a bewitching hour for many. Grabbing a handful of nuts, an apple with peanut butter, or a protein bar is far better fuel than a bag of chips. A combination of protein with a healthy carb (fruit) will help keep your stomach cravings at bay. It takes a little preparation, but it could make an immediate difference in your energy level, your waist line, your life
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