December 13, 2015

Keep pushing…

Mojo Friends,

Too sore, too tired, Too _____ to exercise? No excuses! According to  Domenica Hottenstein, a brain rehabilitation specialist at Bryn Mawr Rehab, “We believe daily exercise is paramount in the rehabilitation process. I work with patients with brain or joint injuries and my job is to make sure every patient gets exercise everyday – even if they are unable to move themselves. It’s truly amazing how the body bounces back as long as it keeps pushing its limits every day.”

As the years add on, I’m increasingly aware of the number of people around me who gradually give into their excuses and the irresistible temptation to let time run its course on their bodies. I get how alluring it is, because I was there 7 years, 20 lbs ago. It’s never too late to get back on track. Time is ruthless. It’s not empathetic to busy schedules, nagging ailments or nasty weather patterns. The only way to fight it is with weekly, effective, doses of cardio/ strength building and a healthy diet.

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