December 15, 2015

Don’t Stop!

Last weekend, Haidee Sullivan, our low impact fitness phenom, turned a stunning 63 yrs. Every now and then, I like to share the simple phrase she says is her secret to a strong and energetic physique: Don’t stop! Like all of us, Haidee has been side tracked with time constraints, various ailments and temptations, but she made a pact with herself  to stay true to a healthy lifestyle and it has paid off in youthful dividends – mentally and physically. Thanks for the inspiration and Happy b-day, Haidee!

Mojo Shout out: Anita Banister came to Mojo eight weeks ago. She had been dealing with some physical set backs which took a toll on her body and energy level. She walked in the door nervous but determined. It’s only been eight weeks of regular 2xs a week classes, but the difference in her energy, stamina and playfulness has been exciting to witness. Anita says it was extremely difficult to get started again, but the positive effects on her life have already taken hold: “I feel the best I have in many years. It feels so wonderful to be able to move again!” Rock on, GF!

Nasty bugs and ailments have stricken a number of our Mojo friends this holiday season and we all wish you speedy recoveries! Be sure not to allow gravity and inertia take hold for too long. It’s easy to do during the holidays and dangerous if we’re eating and drinking more than usual. Be sure to compensate and keep moving. A pound here and there will become grumpy unwanted guests later on :-)

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