April 22, 2021

Embrace the Awkward

Next time you’re feeling awkward or uncomfortable during a workout, EMBRACE IT!Embrace the awkward and let go of any worries!

It means you are challenging yourself. When you are uncomfortable, this is when your brain, heart and muscles START to evolve and become stronger for you. It also means new muscles are being coaxed out – mentally and phsycially.

In our classes, it may seem like everyone is doing the same thing, but if you take a closer look at any one of us, you will notice we all have our own wonderful way of moving. We all have our own body history, rhythms and exercise levels, the one thing we do have in common is our joy of music. Even better than our common love of music is that no one cares what anyone else is doing.

We all just want to let off some steam, burn some serious calories and have a little FUN while we’re at it!

We don’t have much control over a lot of the (crazy) things going on around us, but we do have control over how healthy, young and vibrant we live our lives.

We have some moves in class which have a few of you declaring “My body doesn’t move like that”. Embrace the strangeness and feel the burn!

You underestimate yourself!

As with any new skill, with a little (or a lot) of practice, you can do just about anything. It’s all about intention and muscle memory.

Learning how to access and move our body in new feminine ways is not only an artistic way to activate new muscle groups and get a rejuvenating sweat, it’s a way for us to become more familiar with our body – a precious gift we should celebrate and reward all year long.

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Lose weight and help your body age gracefully.Do men really lose weight faster than women?
Exercise because you love your body!Exercise Because You Love Your Body!

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