February 25, 2024

Eternal Energy~Low Impact Tips For BIG Results

When fitness commercials and social media try to entice people to come back to the gym, we always see pics of perfectly ripped people, having a blast. Look how high they can jump! How much they can lift! How fast they can move! 

Don’t you want to be like them? Come on over and join us! 

Uh…What if I am new to exercise or have a complicated body history of complications and need low-impact alternatives? Can I still enjoy the benefits of a challenging HIIT (high-intensity interval exercise) workout without getting injured?

For Mojo, the answer is a resounding, YES! It’s about learning the basics of good form, starting where you are, and building intensity from there. Even better, our classes are filled with music, moves, and people who inspire us to go harder and longer.

One of my most fierce inspirational friends of all time is 71-year-old fitness phenom, Haidee “Don’t Stop” Sullivan (In white, above picture). She is as fit and strong as women decades younger, and her “Who HOO!” energy is uniquely contagious.

Many might look at women, like her, and think she has it made. 

  • She must be naturally motivated
  • She’s genetically gifted 
  • She doesn’t have any problems (LOL)

On the contrary, Haidee has had it particularly rough in 2024, with the passing of four loved ones in the last couple of months. Though it has been hard on her, Haidee says that our Mojo workout and community are the fuel she needs to live her best life. She wants to feel good and look good as long as she can, and Mojo is just the ticket – mentally and physically.

Haidee, with two of Haidee’s biggest inspirations to keep Mojoing, Haidee’s granddaughters, Caely, 18 years old, and  Olivia, 12 years old.

One of the reasons Mojo works so well for Haidee is her ability to transform our moves to benefit her exercise level and body history. Her low impact approach to jamming it OUT is proof that you can have a taut physique without over-the-top, dangerous training methods. 

Haidee “dropped the hop” and went low impact at Mojo about 10 years ago, when she started having knee sensitivities. Haidee said this is when she started feeling even MORE toned and fit, and she has kept it off. Not only is she slim, she is ripped with her 2/3 classes a week.

Haidee’s advice to Mojo friends:

  • Slow down. Focus on  “crunching” (contracting) all your muscle groups, including the glutes, back, triceps etc. Fast “flappy” movements are less effective. Slowing down allows for a full range of motion, more power and intensity. 

*Side note, Haidee told me she “whoops” it up not only because she’s feeling the mojo, but because shouting fills our lungs with oxygen and gives us (and everyone else) an additional energy boost! 

Other high and low-impact tips to consider:

  • Keep your shoulders down and back, even when you are bending forward. Doing this immediately engages your back and core muscles to assist in your movements. 
  • The better your form, the better and quicker your results. Your core is the “engine” behind all your moves. Without engaging it, it’s like riding a bike on the lowest gear. Did you know your tush is technically a part of your core? We tend to forget about our little caboose, yet it’s one of the largest, most powerful (and sexiest) muscles in our body. Use it or lose it!
  • Bring your heels DOWN whenever possible. Some women tend to dance on the balls of their feet, so they seem more dainty. In reality, your weight is being diffused through your KNEES instead of the floor. Yikes! Think of your movements as being clunky and fierce, which means more power and more calories burned.
  • Arms up = Raised heart rate and intensity level. Your shoulders can be easily strained, so keep in mind your arms don’t need to be any higher than your shoulders to enjoy these benefits. Always keep your core engaged    

Fatigue is the GOAL, it’s when your body STARTS adapting. If you stop every time you feel a little fatigued, it’s like taking cookies out of an oven just before they are fully cooked. Go ahead and lighten up to recover, but bring your intensity back up again when possible.

How do you gauge proper intensity? If you’re able to have a conversation with ease, you could likely take it up a notch. If you can converse (or sing) in breathy sentences, you are at a perfect intensity level. 

If you are having trouble catching your breath, time to stop and rest. You might even consider consulting with your doctor to make sure everything is okay.

Worth Repeating:
As always, Mojo offers mere suggestions of ways to move. It is not a rational train of thought to see these moves and magically start doing them in sync. We’re not in a musical!

The basic idea is to find your form and modify the moves with your rhythm, exercise level, and body history. Just. Keep. Moving.  

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