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Saturday HIIT HOP At The Park, 10:00am, Wilson Park

Sat May 1, 2021 @ 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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*Cindy is out of town, so “Bongo”, Laura Yancoskie will be the lead instructor for this class. Thanks Laura!

If you are interested in joining us these classes, we’d love to have your energy!
Simply email or text (704)819-1574 to get on our text notification list or weekly email list.
Walk-ins are welcome. First time Free!

Please keep in mind that class is dependent on weather and will be confirmed via our weekly newsletter and/or our “outdoor class” text trail.

Outdoor Class Location:
Wilson Farm Park’s Shire Pavilion
500 Lee Road, Wayne, PA

    • Directions: Enter through Lee Road entrance and park. Take the middle side walk and follow to Shire Pavilion in middle of park. There will be Mojo signs showing the entrance.

Class SIGN IN will begin at 11:45am. Class begins at 12:00pm.
First class FREE
All exercises and rhythms welcome and encouraged.
New too Mojo? We’d LOVE to have your energy with us.
Our only request is for you to please try to come at least five minutes prior to your first class. We’d like to point out a couple Mojo form basics which will allow you to get the most out of your workout.

Wilson Park’s amphitheater provides plenty of space to social distance (Yay!), so there is no sign-up needed to attend this outdoor class.

  • Please keep masks on till you get to your space
  • COVID liability waiver signed upon check in
  • Ample space to spread out – 15 feet or more
  • If you have sensitive knees, grass at Wilson is particularly plush and flat
  • If you prefer a hard surface, there is plenty of room on the concrete floor/sidewalks (consider bringing a workout mat to diffuse impact)
  • Sorry, the restroom facility is closed during winter months due to COVID era complications.

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*If this is your first class, please double check our schedule with

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Sat May 1, 2021



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