April 22, 2021

Exercise Because You Love Your Body!

Worth repeating over and over again…Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it.

As someone who’s always had an “athletic” physique, I am ecstatic that getting “stronger” versus “skinnier” is the new ultimate fitness goal. Having a booty and strong muscles are things to CHERISH, not hide!

In fact, if you were to look up “skinny” in the dictionary, it is typically defined as “frail”, “gaunt”, and “emaciated”. Having muscle means you have worked for it – and you are not starving yourself. Muscle increases our metabolism and helps support/protect our bones. They keep us strong, young…and they look great in clothes!

While building muscle gets harder as we get older, we can build and maintain gorgeous muscle. And I’m proud to say our Mojo community is a beautiful example!!

Our Mojo “Secret”…
Because of Mojo’s intricate HIIT training techniques, Mojo friends can enjoy cardio and strengthening benefits without the use of cumbersome (dangerous) weights….and have a little FUN while they’re at it.

Heavy weights require simple isolated movements – front-back, up and down. Using our “no-weights”, dance-fitness approach, we have the flexibility to strengthen using compound muscle movements.

In other words, we’re utilizing multiple muscle groups and multiple joints at the same time – upper and lower body. This strategy allows us to build muscle + enjoy cardio benefits simultaneously and SAFELY.

Are you wishing and waiting for motivation to exercise and get moving again?

Scientifically, this is a backwards way of thinking. YOU have to make the first move by triggering (reminding) your brain with rewarding dopamine chemicals, then magic will ensue.

Get out of your own way and blossom with us. Stay positive, turn up the tunes & keep moving!

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