January 14, 2024

Get Set…GO! Turning Excuses Into “Non-Negotiable” Options

Our Mojo community has been ablaze with the liberating feeling of a fresh start. I cannot tell you how many friends have told me their New Year’s resolution is to incorporate Mojo regularly into their schedule – and I LOVE to hear it.

“I love how Mojo makes me feel!”
“I can’t get over how many calories I burn with Mojo” 
“I am so energized and get so much more done when Mojo is in my schedule”
“Ah..Mojo is the one thing that clears my head”


Whether you prefer the electrifying energy of our LIVE/LIVEstream classes or the flexible freedom of our On Demand LIVE-to-tape energy, we have the ammunition you need to catapult your hard-earned sweat into a crescendo of gorgeous life-affirming energy in 2024. Let’s DO this!

As your fitness coach, I’d like to intercept your well-intentioned goals with the top excuses you are bound to run into this year:


The next time one of the above excuses sneaks into your brain’s repertoire, I want you to be ready. Ask yourself, Would I make this excuse to myself if it was a hair appointment? Treat your workout time like a hair or doctor’s appointment: Non-negotiable. 

Unless you are sick, there is really no excuse to avoid giving your body and brain the time it needs to re-fuel and re-calibrate.

Don’t negotiate with yourself. Just as you brush your teeth and attend doctor appointments, accept that exercise is essential to your physical and mental health and schedule 20, 30, 50 minutes to sweat. Your mind will try to rationalize why today/tomorrow/any day should be a skip day. Don’t let it happen. 

Can’t make it to a LIVE class? Only have time for 20 minutes?
Weather too crummy? Train your brain to find other ways to get your mojo on…


While we would MUCH rather have your energy in person, Mojo’s boutique approach to virtual classes brings variety and flexibility to your family room, on your own terms, at your own pace…for pennies on the dollar.

From Wayne, Pennsylvania to Stockholm, Sweden, Mojo’s hundreds of LIVEstream and On Demand options provide the magic bullet for friends who enjoy the flexibility of our virtual community. 
I am so thankful for Mojo’s virtual classes! I love exercising with enthusiastic friends. I never feel alone! I have lots of space and my own fan pointed at me. I love not having to drive anywhere. Exercising with you all brings me joy.  ❤️ Meredith Mueller, Malvern, Pa
Can’t join in on LIVE group classes, because of an injury?  Dolores Howry’s has a solution…
Dolores has been diagnosed with a debilitating case of frozen shoulder and is not allowed to do any upper body exercise for at least another month. Dolores has not let this stop her! She has been doing her elliptical at home while listening in on our LIVEstreams to enjoy the camaraderie of our Mojo crew. Great idea!
We miss you, GF, but glad to know you are with us in spirit.
As a breast cancer survivor, Elisa Damato is committed to 3 HIIT Mojo classes a week.
In addition to her regular Tuesday, and Saturday LIVE classes, she joins in on our Monday LIVEstream classes before work. She may be dainty, but she is fierce! 
Marcia Reiver (above) is a pottery artist and spends so much time on the road, she cannot commit to a weekly regimen. Instead, Mojo Online is a regular sweat sesh she has with herself. I miss all of my Mojo friends, but I am so glad I still get to enjoy Mojo virtually!  

Seize the day!
It’s never to late to start fresh with good habits that fuel your body with energy to be the best person you can be mentally and physically. Life is too short and precious to leave it up to chance.

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