June 19, 2015

Gorgeous Grit!

Main Line Deputy Dog’s fundraiser was also a salute to Natanya Sortland, as it was her first time mojo-ing since undergoing another uphill battle with her brain – and she nailed it!

Whether it’s a nagging shoulder or general malaise, we’re quick to find “reasons” to scratch our body’s recess off the list. Still fragile, yet Pit Bull strong, Natanya’s joy at being able to dance again was infectious. Seeing such a show of support from our community was also a huge shot in the arm. For those of us who have wondered how she keeps that gorgeous grit, she shared her secret: “Whenever I get discouraged about what my body can do, I say to myself, ‘What would a solider do?”…which is why MLDD was chosen as our beneficiary.

Next time you’re feeling too sluggish to reward your body with the release it needs and craves, just remember how energized, relaxed and happier you’ll feel afterward…and how lucky you are to have the choice.

Target Practice...
Who hoo! $1000 for Main Line's Deputy Dog!

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