February 17, 2024

Happiness From The Inside Out ~ How Be Your Own Best Friend

We spend of much of our lives living from the outside in. Before taking time to care for ourselves, we make sure our families, employers, and friends are cared for first. Even then, it’s with a side of guilt. For so many, the biggest obstacle/opponent in the game of life is ourselves. 

Imagine how rewarding our life would be if we treated ourselves with as much care as we would our best friend. This Valentine’s Day week, I encourage you to celebrate your gifts and unique flaws that make you – you.

I’ve learned in this biz that everyone has a story to tell. Over the years, we’ve been blessed in that so many of you have been kind enough to let me share your story with the hope that it will help strengthen and enlighten others (Thank you!). In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to re-share one of our most resonant stories from one of our bravest friends, Holly Higgins.

A native Australian, Holly (in pic, in green) grew up in a household where both parents struggled with severe mental illness, which made for a uniquely challenging childhood.

When Holly’s father died from suicide, she was left with a mother who suffered from psychosis. Struggling with clinical depression herself, Holly knew she had to get away, so she bravely left Australia to begin a new life on her own. 

Holly, with hubby, Jim, her daughter Ruby, and her son, Drew.

Along the way, she met her soul mate, Jim, and settled in Wayne. 

Thankfully Holly is in a much better place (!), butshe has worked hard to get there.

With so many distressing events swirling around us and knowing how hard Holly works to keep healthy, I asked her if she had any words of advice for those struggling.

Holly is quiet by nature, but pearls of wisdom flowed so effortlessly, I felt like I was at church!

Holly’s favorite author is Eckart Tolle’. With his inspiration, here are some of Holly’s touchstone philosophies that are helpful no matter where you are in life.

  • Learning to love yourself is the key to happiness.
  • Do your best to live in the present moment.
  • Forget the past. It cannot help you.
  • Being anxious about the future will not help you either. It drags down your present 
  • Always do your best to turn the negative voices in your head into a positive voice.
  • Count your blessings daily.
  • Surround yourself with energy that strengthens you.

Holly wisdoms:

  • There is no need to read the news more than once a day. 
  • Get off social media. It’s not real. 

Lastly, Exercise! 
 “If I am in a bad mood, I know I need to get my Mojo fix. It’s the only exercise I have been able to stick with all these years. Mojo’s athletic way of moving makes me feel so much more coordinated, so I can let go and get out of my head.”

My thanks to Holly for bravely and kindly sharing her story so that it can help others. You are a ROCKSTAR!

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