March 29, 2024

Hip Hip Hooray!  How To Firm Up Hard-To-Reach Glutes


How to firm up our glutes

You Go, J LO!

The glutes are part of our core muscles and at the center of our everyday movements. But since they are in our backside, we tend to take them for granted. They are actually one of the most important muscles in our body playing many roles…

1. Engine: The glutes are like the engine of our lower body. They provide the power for activities like running, jumping, climbing stairs, and standing upright. 

2. Anchor: The glutes act like an anchor for our core and pelvis. They stabilize our lower body and help maintain proper posture.

3. Suspension Bridge: The glutes function similarly to the main cables in a suspension bridge. They connect our upper body (torso) to our lower body (legs) and transfer force between them. 

4. Shock Absorber: The glutes act like shock absorbers in our car. They absorb impact during activities like jumping or running, protecting our knees and lower back from excessive stress. Strong glutes help distribute and dampen forces, preventing injuries.

5. Architect: The glutes, along with other muscles, are like the architects of our physique. They shape and define our backside.  

‘Our Glutes are comprised of 4 muscles; 
The Gluteus Maximus is our largest and strongest muscle. It is considered an anti-gravity muscle because it helps us get up and down from sitting and propels us when we jump, lift heavy objects, and climb stairs. When the Gluteus Maximus is neglected and under-active, other muscles and joints have to work harder to absorb extra wear and tear.

The Gluteus Medius is important for hip, pelvis, and knee stability. It is smaller than the Maximus but its location more to the side of the pelvis makes it important for lateral stability, coordination, and power.

The Gluteus Minimus predominantly acts as a hip stabilizer and abductor of the hip. It’s one of the most important muscles for controlling and producing lateral (side-to-side) movements.

The Piriformis is important in lower body movement because it stabilizes the hip joint and lifts and rotates the thigh away from the body. It’s used in walking, running, climbing stairs, and in sports-related activities.

Developing strong glutes can be challenging to activate and strengthen for a few reasons:

Muscle Dominance: Our bodies tend to rely on stronger, more dominant muscles to perform tasks. During moves that target glutes, like squats and lunges, our hamstrings and quads might take over. If we’re not focusing on booty activation, these stronger muscles “steal the show” and prevent our glutes from working as hard.

Mind-Muscle Connection: It can be hard to engage our glutes while Mojo-ing. We might go through the motions but not actually feel them contract and work. This is where the mind-muscle connection comes in – focusing on feeling the glutes squeeze ensures they’re truly being activated.

Our newest routine, “Texas Hold ‘Em”, has just been uploaded to our “Core & Booty” strengthening section.


Wanna more chiseled “cheeks”? Almost every move we do in Mojo requires contraction and engagement of our glutes, particularly all our extensions, squats, leg lifts, and lunges. If for some reason you’re not feeling the strengthening benefits, it’s likely you’re not engaging your core to the full extent and should focus on contracting and tucking in your buttocks and belly when doing those moves. Use it or lose it, ladies! 




Tips to getting more out of your Mojo workouts…

Engage ALL your muscles from the ground up. We do a number of leg lifts lifts, squats, crunches, and kicks to help build our backside. To get the most out of all these moves, form is imperative. Keep your back properly aligned, head up and core/booty engaged.

Spring from the calves and engage your upper body and glutes to help tow your legs up to your chest safely and effectively. Without help from your core, kicking or lifting too forcefully can strain your hips. 

Squeeze! Other than “shoulders back, head up”, I’d say “squeeze” is my most common Mojo cue.

It might seem like it comes naturally, but “phoning it in” and assuming your glutes are getting in on the action is not enough. You gotta ASK (squeeze!) all those guys to come along and join in the fun.  

Not feeling the love (not sore?) after your Mojo workouts?  If for some reason you’re not feeling strengthening benefits, it’s likely you’re not engaging your core to the full extent and should focus on contracting and tucking in your buttocks and belly when doing Mojo moves.

Are You a Tight A___?
While having a tight booty is a good thing, being too tight can age us and lead to injury.

We do a variety of stretches after every class that help keep our hips loose, but adding these (above)  “Netflix” friendly stretches at home, will greatly improve, strengthen and extend the life of our precious glutes. Ahh…EnJOY

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