November 28, 2020


“I Mojo Because I Love To Eat”

Heather Bittenbender 
(Me too!!)

With cold weather and Covid forcing us inside, we will be spending more time “nesting” (eating). The act of “eating” should NEVER make us feel guilty, it should be celebrated! Preparing meals individually or with family/friends is a fortifying, memorable time to center ourselves and connect with friends and family – especially now. It also adds color, texture, structure and JOY to our lives.

Heather and kiddies enjoying a family tradition, cranberry relish:
“So easy! Cranberries, oranges and sugar. First made in 1977. What makes it special is my grandma’s food grinder.”

Food is the fuel that energizes our brain, heart and all our bodily functions. It also keeps our metabolisms humming and our waist lines in tact. In addition, the nourishment we give our bodies directly effects our DNA and shapes our life – for better or worse.

The not so good news…

As healthy as food is for us, eating too much and eating the wrong kind of food can be equally as damaging to our mental and physical health. With more time spent at home this holiday season, I encourage you to actively discover, experiment and implement healthier (and yummier) new recipes and lifestyle tweaks into your life.

Here’s a great place to start:

Having done a complete over haul in our family’s dietary lifestyle over the last couple of years, I can say first hand that each of these swaps taste BETTER. They’re cleaner tweaks that take the guilt out of eating and make a HUGE difference in our energy level, waist line and our “numbers” (blood health).

Every little bit helps!

Snap out of it!
Thanksgiving Treat

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