April 7, 2015

No challenge, no change

One of the reasons our class has been able to stay fresh and fun, is the continual flow of new energy we get from friends dropping by and mixing it up with us. It contributes to a dance “club” feel versus a dance “class”. I continue to be energized and inspired by how many different styles, age groups and exercise levels we have in our crew.

Many of our friends have Mojo-ed with my hubby, Steve, and may be scratching their head at why he does it to himself. He’s a cyclist and an ex-football player. The moves don’t come easily to him, and he’s typically the only guy in class. Though jumping jacks and jogging-in-place are his “go to” moves, Steve’s been impressed with the excellent cardio and strengthening benefits – particularly core muscle groups that are hard to access with traditional weight lifting techniques. In addition, both of us have close family members and friends recently diagnosed with memory loss. The overwhelming research on the benefits of cardiovascular workouts combined with patterned movements aka dance, nudged him to take on the challenge. It’s also made him so much more fun on the dance floor!

My sincere thanks and admiration to all of you who dare the lines of their comfort zone. The harder it is for you, the more you’re getting out of it – both mentally and physically. If I can ever be of assistance in the learning process, please let me know!

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