January 17, 2015

Intensity Matters

A few weeks ago, Marie-Pierre Crowe came back to Mojo after a 2 year hiatus. Though she had been active with various classes, she found that she had been slowly gaining weight because she wasn’t getting enough intensity. After only three weeks of notching up her intensity level, she could already see her youthful shape making a come back. Welcome back!

While all our routines are meant to be done hi or low impact, low impact doesn’t have to mean low intensity. As long as you continue moving your upper/ lower body, with good form, you’re boosting and burning. To get the extra calorie-burning, muscle building benefits, your workout needs to be intense enough that your body temperature is up and your heart beats faster. Don’t allow yourself to compare yourself to others in the room. Everyone has their individual intensity levels for whatever reason. As long as you keep pushing your comfort zone, you will continue to see your body evolve. If you find yourself simply “going through the motions” – you will plateau or maintain.

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