May 20, 2015

Join us for a good cause 5/30

Most of you remember Natanya…In Feb of 2014, she suffered a severe brain injury. With our Mojo community as a primary inspiration, she was able to push through a tedious, grueling (and stunning) rehabilitation process and get back to class. A few weeks ago, she was sidelined with a concussion and has been on another uphill battle to get her mojo back.

In honor of Natanya’s 42nd b-day and her anticipated return to Mojo, we will host a Saturday class at DVFS on May 30th. All proceeds will go to Mainline Deputy Dog, – and the training of dogs for people with disabilities. I hope you can join us and bring friends and family to help us out! (See attached flyer)

The ability to move, dance and sweat at our leisure is a gift. Reward your body for all the amazing things it does for you every day by giving it a heart pumping, brain stimulating, muscle strengthening play date!

Who hoo! $1000 for Main Line's Deputy Dog!
Muscle > Fat

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