June 8, 2020

Just. Keep. MOVING!

A list of how our body breaks down, week by week, without regular exercise…

  • After one week: No biggie, your body probably welcomes opportunity to recover. Yet, if you’ve been using this time for unhealthy booze and food, you might feel a little bloated (i.e. food baby) 
  • Two weeks:  The number of mitochondria (cell fuel) decreases and your cardio endurance is the first to go.
  • One Month:  You’re sporting less lean muscle mass and more body fat. Plus, stress has a tighter hold on you. Without exercise supporting your circadian rhythms, getting a good night’s sleep may be a challenge
  • A few months: Your metabolism joins the ranks of things to go. Besides burning fewer calories, you will feel more fatigued which means you will burn fewer calories, your heart has to work harder with every beat, and your lungs don’t absorb as much oxygen as they used to (putting respiratory and organ heath at risk)
  • A year: Aside from a soaring body-fat percentage, complete loss of muscle and sluggish metabolism, you’re at greater risk for high blood pressure, disease and high cholesterol.

Taking time out for yourself is no easy feat for anyone. Stop talking (or sulking) about it, and JUST DO IT You’ll be so glad you did :-)

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