April 10, 2020

Life In The “Rabbit Hole”…What Will Be Your Story?

With spring in the air, I am reminded of the story, “Alice in Wonderland”

Even as an adult, I never liked it. The characters were all over the place, no one was in charge. Nothing was as it should be – which made me feel uneasy. (Kinda like the rabbit hole we are all in now, LOL)

You have to admit, Alice was a great sport. She stayed positive and made the most of the situation, and she came out more resilient because of it.

Speaking of… It’s week #4 of social distancing. Many of us are maintaining, and many of us are (understandably) swirling. We’re all in this “rabbit hole” together… and it isn’t a dream. Let’s make the most of this storyline.

Here’s one of my fave motivational tid bits from Charle’s Duhigg, author of “The Power Of Habit”:

There’s this fundamental finding in science that some habits seem to matter more than others. 

When researchers look at how people change their habitual behaviors, they find when some changes occur, it seems to set off a chain reaction that causes other patterns to change as well. 

For many people, exercise is a good example of this. When you start exercising habitually, according to studies, you start eating more healthfully. You start feeling good about your body. 

For many people, when they start exercising, they also stop using their credit cards quite so often. They procrastinate less at work. They do their dishes earlier in the day. 

It seems to be evidence that for many people, exercise is a keystone habit. Once you start to change your exercise habits, it sets off a chain reaction that changes other habits as well.

Why are keystone habits so powerful? They change how you see yourself which continues in a chain reaction of positive life changes. 

Wanna feel a sense of “normalcy”?
Wake up with us!

Throw your sneakers on…and CELEBRATE life with a heart-pumping toast to Spring. Our very first LIVEstream class is tomorrow.

SOLO Saturday Mojo!

10:00am Saturday April 11, 2020 (tomorrow)
*This will be a 50 minute class

If you are a Mojo Online friend, press this link Mojo Online Livestream and the window will  open up into my choreography studio.

Can’t make it this time? No worries! I will upload the class to our web site.

Please note:
Since it’s not possible to have our team of instructors with me showing high and low impact versions, it is imperative that you modify the moves to your exercise level, body history and rhythms.
I will be uploading a version of this workout to our library with low impact alternatives shortly after our session.

As in anything you do…The better your form, the better (and quicker) your results. Please take moment to review: Mojo Online Basics

Not a Mojo Online member yet?
Click here to become a member
The fee is only $10 per month for access to this class and to our entire library.
*If you have a LIVE class punchcard, they are safe with us.
There is no expiration date.

Let’s hope we will shake it LIVE again soon!


Mojo Friends, Gina (left) with “Bestie”, Alyssa

“I must say it was very tough for me emotionally the first weeks into this. My therapist suggested I walk twice a day, but I knew had something even better for my spirits. For the last week, I have been Mojoing almost every day. As we adjust to this new normal, I have implemented a schedule that has Mojo every day. It brings me so much joy and seeing your faces makes things feel back to normal (almost) even just for the 30-40 minutes.”
Gina Piccioni

The sooner you shake off the lousy habits of the past few weeks,
the happier you will FEEL – mentally and physically.

Staying Motivated With Social Distancing... You've Got This!
Snap Out of It w/ Laverne & Shirley...

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