May 29, 2020

“Soufflés” & Achieving the Perfect Burn…

We have a number of Mojo friends and family who are presently fighting COVID and I know of at least one friend who has lost a loved one in their battle. Sending prayers of strength you get through this quickly and safely! We also have a number of soldiers in the form of health care providers in our community. Words cannot come close to expressing our gratitude for all you do every day. You are our heroes. Thank you!!

Like you, I am still shell-shocked about this temporary new normal. I’m taking this one day at a time.

After 11 years of a fairly rigid LIVE class exercise schedule, I’ve tried to embrace this “break”, relax my routine a bit and see what happens. As a stubborn Taurus who likes (and needs) structure, it’s not as easy as it sounds!

Steve and I have been enjoying daily nature walks with our dog, Charlee, which has been a soothing, de-stressing TREAT.

Since we’re watching more TV, I’ve been paying my “Netflix fee” with 5 full minutes of planks. I LOVE how a few minutes give you so much back in return. (I feel the awesome “corset” burn for days!)

As far as my HIIT cardio routine…
Instead of the rote 4/5 times a week 55 minute HIIT Mojo sessions, I’ve been tossing in random shorter session 25/35/40 min sessions– every day or every other day. This rhythm is working surprisingly well. I am enjoying the same benefits as when I worked out 5xs a week.

This may seem surprising to you…
When Mojo LIVE classes are not available to me, I’ve always used Mojo Online as my go-to energy “egg timer”. No thinking necessary. No pauses, No distractions allowed. One and DONE. I turn up the volume really loud and skip, jump and  jog ALL OVER THE HOUSE. (literally)

When was the last time your heart and spirit soared?

“Stay There!”
This is a term I want you to chant in your head. When you are doing a Mojo HIIT workout,
the first few songs are feisty and fun.

Bur then at around 15 or 20 minutes, you start feeling a burn, your heart beat is raised and you’re starting to feel uncomfortable.

If you are alone, this is when our brain starts playing games with you…
“Hmm…I wonder who texted me 2 minutes ago?”
Don’t stop!
Stay there. Keep going

THIS is the most crucial point in your workout. Every. single. minute. you go from here is the HONEY of your workout. The harder and longer you work after this point. The BETTER your results.

The more you challenge and “surprise” your body, the harder it will need to work over time repairing and building stronger muscles for your next shin dig– which means the more calories that will be burned while you are asleep tonight!

If you stop here, it’s like taking a beautiful soufflé out of the oven just before it rises. Your after burn will fall flat. Instead… Embrace the music and the BEAT…and PARTY ON

Bring your knees up higher (tush toning)

Add more power (punch-uation!)  to your movements (every move stems from a strong core)

March, Run and Skip like you are a little girl again!

Don’t forget… As important as it is for you to go in full gear, it’s EQUALLY as important for you to RECOVER, during the session so you can keep good form and keep taking your HIIT back up again and again.

Everyone has their own level of intensity. As long as YOU challenge yourself, you are a ROCKSTAR.

“Missing our crew, but I still got my mojo on! ” Carol Zeller-Henderson

Caroline O’Halloran, at the office.. “Sashay!, Sashay!!”
“Mojo Online has been my port during this storm. I blot out the scary stuff and pretend I’m in a live class in Wayne, goofing off with my sidekick Haidee. I mix up Mojo with outdoor walks, bike rides, and other video workouts. Cindy’s tips and tutorials are super helpful. I also love that you can choose from so many playlists, short vs. longer routines, even individual songs so you can build your own workout. (My current fave add-on: “Nails Hair Hips Heels!” – sashay on! ) 

Cassie Knestaut, lost a close family friend to coronavirus, but is keeping a (very) positive outlook

Even in the darkest of times, I still try to see the light in each day. I make it a point to make sure I get exercise each day, whether it be doing some of our HIIT exercises online,
or just by taking a walk around the neighborhood.

On walks, I try to think about all I have to be thankful for, like my health and being able to be with family and spend more time with them now.

Although this time has truly been difficult for many, I think it has also had one big positive impact, and that is that it brought people back together, whether it be in our families or our communities. I see many people walking around and I like to make it a point to greet them with a bright “Hi! How are you?” with a smile on my face in the hope that maybe I can bring a smile to someone else’s face during this time.
Stay positive everyone, because the sun will come out tomorrow. ☺️

Thanks for the inspiration, Cassie!

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