June 2, 2020

Lizzie…A Low Impact POWERHOUSE

Lizzie DellaVecchia has been dealing with a painful foot ailment for a looong time.
She decided to take advantage of this home hiatus to get OFF her foot and let it heal. (Thank goodness!!) Though it’s still in a cast, she recently joined Mojo Online and has created a whole new way to keep her workouts going…

“I can’t thank you enough!!! First workout in several months. So out of shape. Scary. But just started today and it feels so great!! Just did “Solo Mojo #4″. Did 3/4 of it…ON MY KNEES. I bet this is the first! (Yup!) Foot is still recovering as I am still trying to be off of it as much as possible still and doing physical therapy a few times a week.  Hugs and many thanks for these amazing videos!”

xo Lizzie

My thanks to Lizzie for the mojo-tivation. You are a ROCK, my friend!

Lizzie’s Story

Three years ago, Lizzie was running about 12 miles a week. Although she is a youngster (by my standards), she had to quit running and all high impact exercise due to bad knees.Before Mojo, I was never a group class kind of girl. I like to do my own thing, get it done and be out of there. I learned about Mojo from my sister, Katie (who now lives in NC) and decided to give it try.It’s been three years and Mojo still really works for me. I had a chat with Lizzie about her strategy on getting the most out of our class…”I really listen to all your fitness cues and I try to mimic your intensity – intently.

I forget everything around me and get completely lost in a zone. I still get sopping wet after every session.”Lizzie has the energy of 5 high impact Mojo friends. In lieu of high impact, she gets her “fix” by thrusting, crunching, punching and pulling as hard as she can muster – even if she has to add in the moves herself. Personally, I feel Lizzie’s low impact secret weapon is how readily and intentionally she utilizes her glutes (booty) throughout each session. Whenever we go high impact, she will compensate by adding an even stronger range of motion to her lower half to get more intensity. (It’s hard than it looks) J Lo has nothing on her!You might look at someone like Lizzie and assume she never eats. Quite the contrary, it’s impossible to grow muscle like hers without eating. Lizzie says she LOVES to eat, but she eats reasonably and healthfully – most of the time.

Thanks again, Lizzie, for sharing!

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