March 14, 2015

Low Impact, Big Burn

Pictured in pink, Haidee “Who Hoo!” Sullivan – she’s loud!

Haidee is an ex-Jazzercise instructor and low impact Mojo side kick. At a hot 61 years of age, Haidee recently “dropped the hop” and says she’s feeling the most toned and fit she’s felt in years. Her advice to Mojo friends is slow down. Focus on crunching/ contracting all your muscle groups, including the glutes, back, triceps etc. Fast “flappy” movements are less effective. Slowing down allows for full range of motion, more power and intensity.

*side note, Haidee told me she enjoys “Who Hoo-ing” not only because she’s feeling the mojo, but because shouting fills our lungs with oxygen and gives us an additional energy boost.

Thanks Haidee!


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