January 7, 2024

Mel Robbin’s Motivation Hacks: How To Get Out Of A Funk

Like any communication medium, Instagram can be a braggadocio, dopamine-addicting, energy-draining wasteland, but there are a few sites that have consistently given me constructive and inspiring energy. 

One such person is melrobbins. Mel Robbins is an author who motivates and informs with humor and science-based energy (Love her!).

This post resonated with me with the start of a new year. If you or a friend is in a funk, I think you might find it helpful. I know I did!


Good news! Being in a funk or feeling stuck will get better with action.
Whether the person is you or someone you care about, sit down and ask these questions…

1. Do you want to get out of the funk? This is critical because in order for real change, we have to WANT to change.
2. Can you think of a time when you felt GOOD about yourself and your life?
3. Did you have a routine at the time that you stuck to EVERY day?
4. What does your routine look like now? 
5. Compare the two routines…Are they similar? (probably not)

THIS is a good way to start. We must start doing what we used to do when we were at a moment in time when we felt GOOD and HAPPY.

This post resonated with me…After 15 years of keeping a schedule, I gotta admit I get frustrated, and almost embarrassed, with the inordinate amount of time and energy I put into keeping our community sweating and shimmying. It’s certainly not about the money…Would I be happier if I had more time to lay low?

That’s where Mel’s words hit the nail on the head for me…Some of my happiest, most rewarding years were in college when I was on The Mizzou Golden Girls squad. Two of those years were spent as the co-captain and lead choreographer. At times, I remembered being frustrated having to spend time so much time practicing while other friends seemed to have so much fun with more time on their hands. Was I missing out on the college experience?

I contemplated quitting my senior year, but chose to stick with it, because I realized in the off-season that my grades were more sketchy, my clothing was notably tighter and my energy was always more sluggish from the additional time spent partying and late-night pizza outings. For that reason, I held on all four years, and I am so glad I did! 


The Golden Girls, circa 1986
Fun Fact: 
Mizzou won the Cotton Bowl last week. Who Hoo!

Lesson learned: 

While relaxing is a key part of managing stress, choosing to sit back, let go and become a passenger with your “free time” does not necessarily equate to a more rewarding life. 

I am at my personal best when I am challenged and fully engaged.The discipline of a more structured healthful lifestyle makes me more energized, more fit, more adventurous and happier overall. As I look forward to a new generation of grandbabies, I want to make the most out of this one precious life! 

The cherry on this delicious “life” experience is having a community of LIVE and virtual friends who have found that Mojo has given to them, in some small way, the ammunition they need for their life’s journey as well! 

Are you in a funk? Missing your mojo? It’s not too late to re-discover and re-create your best self. Can’t get started? Here’s a few exercise life hacks from Mel…

We know exercise is the magical ingredient for a more rewarding, fulfilling, and successful life, but so many of us hate to do it. If you are someone who is trying to chisel some exercise into your lifestyle this year, here are some tricks via Mel…

Exercise Motivation hacks
1. Lay your workout clothes out the night before…this is called the “environmental trigger”. When you see them on the floor, it triggers you to remember your promise to exercise.
2. Start small. You don’t need an hour. Start with a 5-minute workout. It’s more than what you are doing and you can build from there.
3. Pick something you enjoy. Exercise does not have to be torture. Do something you like – walking briskly, dancing (Mojo!), jumping on a trampoline…It all counts! 
4. Take it outside. Whether it’s walking or taking your virtual workout to your back porch, mixing it up is a win-win.
5. Reward yourself afterward with an iced coffee, smoothie, or high five in the mirror. The positive reward locks in the new habit.
6. Do it with a friend…The laughs make it all worth it (Btw, I count as your friend!)
7. Use the 5-second rule…Stop procrastinating! Stop giving yourself time to talk yourself out of it. Stop waiting to feel like it… “5,4,3,2,1 DO IT” 

Ready to get started? Try out this new 21-Minute Mojo Online, Arms, Abs & Booty upload, via Mojo Online, withperfectly imperfect women of all seasons and exercise levels, sweating it out in real-time (on tape). Just turning it on will raise your energy and endorphin levels.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Let’s GO!

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