We are Looking for Mojo Fitness Instructors! 

Mojo Fitness combines great music with fitness-focused moves to get a total body workout and has grown exponentially by only word-of-mouth advertising. With the recent introduction of Mojo Online classes, we would like to share our Mojo Fitness spirit with more friends outside  our local community. We are are seeking qualified instructors to join the Mojo MOVEment and teach your own Mojo Fitness class.

We are not looking for ‘dance teachers’ per se. We are looking for everyday people who would like to jam-it-OUT with friends in a fun and positive environment.


Are you…

  • Someone who has thought about leading a dance fitness class?
  • A fitness professional or team-focused dancer?
  • A former athlete, cheerleader, or camp counselor?


Do you have…


If the answer is YES, please email us for more information: cindy@mojofitness.biz.


As a Mojo Fitness Instructor, you will not only love your ‘job’ but you will:

  • Experience a fit and FUN lifestyle
  • Enjoy an attractive income without the worry of high fees and licensing costs
  • Help put a dent in our nation’s obesity epidemic
  • Have access to all your fitness instruction needs 24/7 online: Training, Marketing and Pre-choreographed 20, 30 and 50 min classes
  • Be part of a supportive Mojo community cheering you every step of the way!


If you feel you have the adventurous spirit and skill set to join our MOVEment, please email us for more information: cindy@mojofitness.biz