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Unlimited Access to Award-winning HIIT & Strengthening classes
Stream anytime anywhere!

Hundreds of workouts – all abilities

High and low impact options

Only $10/month after 7-Day FREE TRIAL

No contract, cancel anytime

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What You Get

Complete interval-based dance workouts ranging from 25 to 50 minutes

Individualized Fitness routines are categorized into Arms/Upper Body, Core/Booty, Warm-up, Cool Down & HIIT Cardio & strengthening

Instructional captions to help improve form and increase intensity while you’re working out

Valuable fitness tutorials, tips and tidbits

Current music and moves that are energizing, fun and family-friendly. Music is radio-edit “Clean”

Routines specifically sequenced for the best fat burning and metabolism boosting results

All routines performed with low-impact and high-impact options

Works on all devices

Extended workouts include warm up, cool down, arms routine, a core routine and up to 11 HIIT cardio and strengthening routines

Access anytime, anywhere 24/7

No equipment needed

Frequently Asked Questions

I like the look of the Mojo Online program. What if I can’t keep up?
As long as you make the moves your own, keep your core/posture intact and challenge yourself, you’re boosting metabolism and burning fat. The key is finding your intensity threshold. No matter what moves you choose to do, just moving your entire body for 30 to 50 continuous minutes is A LOT.

What equipment do I need to view Mojo Online videos?
We recommend wearing comfortable workout clothes and a pair of sneakers.
To watch our workout videos you’ll need a computer or mobile device with a current browser and a high-speed internet connection. If you’re able to stream a movie from Netflix, then you should have no problem streaming Mojo Online.

Can I watch Mojo Online workouts on my TV?
Yes! You can play the videos on a big screen TV either by connecting an HDMI cable, or screen casting/ screen mirroring with Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay, Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

I have two left feet. Do I need to be good at dancing to get benefit from Mojo Online?
Bottom line: If you like to dance – you can Mojo. The great thing about our program is you’re improving your sense of rhythm by “exercising” or dancing to the beat of tunes you enjoy and love. If a move is too complicated, we encourage you to simply replace the move by jogging, marching or doing squats. Just. Keep. Moving.

I’m worried that if I sign up but want to cancel, you’ll keep charging my account.
We pride ourselves on being a boutique style dance fitness program. All questions or issues are handled personally and in a timely manner. Should you ever have any issues or frustrations we’d love to hear from you!
Should you ever want to cancel, you can do it with 3 clicks of the mouse:

  1. Log in to Mojo online
  2. Pull up My Account in the menu bar
  3. Under My Memberships press Cancel

I don’t see my question answered here, what can I do?
Please feel free to send an email to: One of our team members will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Stream or Cast Mojo Online on any device

What Mojo Friends are Saying

You have no idea how inspiring and comforting your on line classes have been.

Seeing all the smiling instructors while I gasp for breath to keep up is everything during this wacky time! MOJO FITNESS!

~Mercedes Karel
Devon, Pa

Mojo Online has been my port during this storm. I block out the scary stuff and pretend I’m in a live class. Cindy’s tips and tutorials are super helpful. I also love that you can choose from so many playlists, short vs. longer routines, even individual songs so you can build your own workout. Truly, $10/month is a small price to pay for a healthy body AND sane mind…

~Caroline O’Halloran, Savvy Main Line

As a nursing home caregiver/nurse during COVID-19, Mojo is a much needed highlight of my day. Thanks to you the scale and my body are showing a downward trend. Clothes are fitting better (tucking my shirts in). Keep those workouts coming!

You’re keeping me young and sane!

~Jayne Funk
Neligh, Nebraska