March 22, 2015

Barb’s Story

A year ago, Barb Omrod reached out of her comfort zone and gave Mojo Fitness a try. Since joining us, she’s lost 8 pounds and became a lean machine. It didn’t happen overnight, here’s her story…

“I was never athletic. I played the cello in high school and weighed 40 lbs more than I do now. In my 20s and 30’s, I took up running, lost the weight and got the bug that exercise truly is the major ingredient to maintaining one’s weight and feeling more balanced. I ran 4 times a week from age 38-late 40’s but my knees just could not take it anymore. I’ve done personal weight training, running, spinning, but Mojo brings out one’s silly side and gets people like me dancing that have 2 left feet. It also gives my whole body a great work out for the time I put into it. Mojo works slowly, but in time I’ve really felt the difference.”

*A lower number on the scale feels good, but true success is muscle accrued and inches lost. Since muscle weighs more than fat, it’s possible to lose inches and not a single pound. Celebrate! Your higher metabolism will burn fat at a faster pace so you can reap rewards, on every level, for years to come. Thanks for the inspiration Barb!

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