February 28, 2021

Motion is Lotion – For Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Lotion up your joints with Mojo motion!Stiff? If your workout has been replaced by a list of “reasons”, wake up and get your body in motion! 

Natalie Stadler is a regular Mojo friend who had experienced a painful bout of “frozen shoulder”, defined as stiffness, pain, and limited range of movement in the shoulder. It happens when the tissues around the joint stiffen, scar tissue forms, and shoulder movements become difficult and painful.

After taking the recommended time to heal, Natalie was anxious to get moving again. When she asked her orthopedist if it was ok to get moving with a stiff shoulder, he confirmed with this mantra: “Motion is Lotion”. In other words, motion lubricates and heals our joints. In order to beat arthritis, and keep our joints healthy and youthful, we have to keep moving… and Natalie has been ROCKING IT OUT since – you go, girl.

Mayo Clinic: Exercising with Arthritis
Lack of exercise has been attributed as one of the leading causes of disease and inflammation. Feeling tired and achy? Keep moving! Doctors agree that low-impact aerobic exercise will give you results and so much more

  • Strengthens the muscles around your knees
  • Helps weight control (every 1lb gained puts approximately 3-10lbs of pressure on your knees)
  • Maintain bone strength 
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • boost self-esteem

You will never be younger than you are at his moment, but you do have control over how healthy, young, and vibrant you live your life. 

It sounds crazy to be “Mojoing” in 34-degree weather, but it has become surprisingly “normal” for our local Mojo community members. The combination of club music coupled with HIIT Hop moves has us peeling off layers within minutes. Better yet, it’s been a wonderful way to reignite the feeling of camaraderie and community we’ve missed for so long.

Whether you are jamming with us LIVE or virtually, your energy and support mean more than you know.

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