December 29, 2015

Want Motivation? Get busy!

Mojo Friends,

According to Brendon Burchard, author of “The Motivation Manifesto”, wishing for motivation before you attempt something is a backward form of thinking. Motivation only comes after you have expended the effort and enjoyed positive consequences:

“The way our brain works is that dopamine triggers feel good chemicals in our brain, so the motivation really doesn’t come until after we do something and we enjoy a positive consequence. We have to realize that the act of doing something, pursuing our dreams is what makes us feel alive. When we workout, the motivation feeds itself with more action because we like how it makes us feel. 

Getting back on track after the holidays is no small feat. Inertia can be brutal! Monday’s class was a tough one for all of us, but it felt GREAT. Want to enjoy the rest of this holiday season with less guilt and more energy? Get busy and shake off some of those Christmas cookies!

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