April 28, 2024

Our Ego’s Delicate Dance – The Inner Battle With Our Younger Selves

Press here to see Jody Foster's inspiring interview on how she used to battle with her younger self, and how loves her 60s.

Press here to see Jody Foster’s inspiring interview on how she used to battle with her younger self, and why loves her 60s.

Our Ego’s Delicate Dance…We all want to get “better” as the years go on, but how do we handle our ego when we see or feel the hands of time taking a physical toll? 
I recently overheard a uniquely slim and admirably beautiful friend, lamenting how “large” she has become and how hard it is to get older…I thought to myself that if anyone overheard her, their eyes would roll out of their heads. lol

While I chuckled at my friend’s silliness, I gotta admit I am constantly trying to reel myself in when I see a younger “better” version of myself. Why do we do this to ourselves?

We all desperately want to get older (We certainly don’t want the alternative), so why do our egos get knicked when we see the gift of age creeping into our mirrors?

The culprit is our pesky ego. While we should not give in and let time have its way with us, I’d like to share how the ego works, and some tools to deal with it when it plays negative games with our brains.

e·go /ˈēɡō/, the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance
Understanding Our Ego
Our ego gives us our sense of self. It encompasses our thoughts, beliefs, talents, and experiences. While a healthy ego fosters self-confidence and motivation, it can sometimes become inflated, leading to a need for superiority.

The Competition Within: Why We Chase Our Younger Selves
Our ego often clings to memories of our younger selves, particularly moments of peak achievement or popularity. This can lead to a sense of internal competition as we age. We might feel pressure to maintain the same level of performance or appearance, leading to dissatisfaction and a distorted view of our present value.

Tools for Embracing Life’s Full Spectrum

Here’s how we can break free from this self-sabotaging mindset and embrace our precious lives at every stage:

  • Shift Focus: Acknowledge past accomplishments, but shift the focus to present and future possibilities. What new skills can I learn? What experiences can I create?
  • Celebrate Growth: Recognize that aging is life’s price of admission. It’s a natural process of growth and evolution. Embrace the wisdom and resilience you’ve gained.
  • Redefine Success: Success isn’t static. Define it by current values and aspirations. What brings you joy and fulfillment now?
  • Practice Gratitude: Appreciate the present moment and all that you have. Cultivate gratitude for your health, relationships, and experiences.
  • Embrace Learning: Stay curious and keep learning! Take on new hobbies, travel to different places, and challenge yourself mentally and physically.

Our worth is not defined by our age or past achievements. By letting go of comparisons and embracing the present, we unlock the door to a truly fulfilling life, rich with experiences and growth at every stage.

Awesome tip: Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who celebrate you for who you are today – not who you were (!) 

Mojo friends, Dorothy Bushnell and Pat Woytek, above, are the pictures of health now, but they have both overcome some severe medical issues in their past. Instead of lamenting their plight, they are thrilled at what their bodies can do.

 Whether you’re 29 or 79 – we are all aging. 
It’s time to stop complaining, celebrate our blessings, and GET MOVING!
Lousy Reality: 

It’s not your imagination. It does get harder and harder to keep our waistlines intact as we age. When we were younger, we could binge exercise when we needed to work off a few inches, but this is a luxury we can no longer afford. 

Good News: 
Thanks to science, we know more about why our bodies change. Sarcopenia is the gradual deterioration of muscle as we age. According to Dr. Steve Heber, MD PhD, and Director of UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition, “Our metabolic rate – the rate of calories we burn every day – dips 2 to 4 %  every decade starting in our 20s.

The cause of the decline is a shift in our body’s muscle flab ratio. Every 10 years we lose 5 to 7 lbs of muscle, which is replaced by fat, and this exchange continues for the rest of our lives. A pound of fat burns 3 calories an hour, muscle burns 14. 

Great News! 
We no longer need to sit idly by as our waistlines morph uncontrollably, we can fight it with a rigorous strength-building and cardio exercise regimen…And with countless friends as living proof, Mojo is JUST the ticket.

Here’s why:
Plateau Resistant: Unlike most exercise regimens, no two Mojo sessions are alike. With each song introduced, we’re constantly exploring and challenging new muscle groups which keeps our bodies guessing. 
Burnout Resistant: Since cardio needs to be challenging for it to be effective, it’s common to get bored with repetitive and boring workouts. In Mojo, the magic of new songs and new rhythms keeps our brains energized and our Mojo community keeps it light and FUN.

Have a hard time fitting it all in? 
Try treating your workout like a hair or doctor’s appointment: Non-negotiable. 
Getting a good sweat revs up all those feel-good endorphins and helps ward off depression while naturally energizing and rejuvenating our entire body. It provides us with the ammunition we need to keep our brains agile, our muscles strong and our lives youthful. 
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