April 6, 2023

Over Training & The Importance of Recovery

The Perils of Over Training & The Importance of Recovery…

In order to see true results at the gym, we need to challenge ourselves, but it’s a delicate balance. True fitness is exercising smarter, not harder. Over training can compromise our joint and muscle health.  Learn three key tips to keep your bodies young, fit, and energized – from 20 years of age and beyond…

As advanced as we are with science and technology, it’s pretty surreal how our society still struggles with fitness and health-related issues, but with so many conflicting messages, it’s no wonder people are a bit dazed and confused!

  • Exhausting our bodies (with exercise) is a way to get more energized
  • You gotta EAT if you want to lose weight
  • Just when you want to stop moving is when you need to keep going
  • Too achy to exercise? Odds are, the reason is lack of exercise 

Another confusing message…To catch the public eye, media influencers, and fitness regimens have led us to believe that the tougher the workout, the fitter we will be. What we don’t hear enough is, many of these over-the-top workouts can lead to over-the-top injuries – not just for people who are aging, but for twenty-somethings as well.

Case in point…
Jess Brauer, Taste Sante entrepreneur and our spring party chef (and my daughter-in-law), learned this lesson the hard way.

Jess Brauer with hubby, Luke

Jess is and always has been an avid athlete and health-focused person. 
Originally from Paris, and now living in Brooklyn, both she and her hubby (and my son), Luke enjoy cooking up creative healthy and yummy meals, working out together, and walking for miles around the city with their dog, Barry. 

As a young millennial, Jess has always enjoyed following all the hottest trends in fashion and fitness. While Mojo is in her repertoire (when in town), she would gravitate to the most intense over-the-top workouts on Instagram – and her taut, healthy, and energized physique was a beautiful reflection of all her hard work.

A year and one week ago, something happened that completely changed everything…
Jess woke up one morning to her calves throbbing in so much pain, that she had to be rushed to the hospital to make sure she was not having a thrombosis emergency.

Thankfully, it was not thrombosis, but Jess found out that she has a very serious condition called Anterior Tibialis Tendinopathy, an injury of the anterior tibialis tendon in the front of the ankle. It’s a very painful form of tendonitis that is a result of extensive running and jumping.

A much more moderate lifestyle…Since the emergency, Jess had to dramatically cut down her training regimen. For six months, she was only allowed to walk at a slow pace and avoid all high-impact exercise. The intensity would only inflame her injury and bring back the debilitating pain. More than a year later, Jess is now able to able to walk for a couple of miles at a moderate pace. 

The lesson learned…As you can see by the above recent picture, Jess is still as slim trim, and FIT as she was the day she was injured over a year ago. She was kind enough to share this valuable lesson,

After being an avid exerciser, working out 5 times a week, getting injured was life-altering. I was scared to lose strength, gain weight, and lose an outlet that had become so important. 

The lesson I learned is a version of “everything in moderation”. I know now that I can maintain the shape I want without plaguing myself with the constant guilt associated with working out with a little less intensity. I also realized the importance of thoroughly stretching.

And another very important lesson…
My diet has not changed as I still eat copious amounts of (mostly) healthy foods with plenty of indulging. (Yes!!)

My thanks to Jess for sharing her experience. I only wish we could get this message out to so many others. I think you will agree Jess is still as slim, trim and energetic as EVER. 

Key tips to keep your body young, fit, and energized – from your 20s and beyond…
Do workouts that create muscles to support the movements you want to be strengthened on an everyday basis. 

Just because it’s a hard workout does not mean you are going to get the results you are looking for. 

For instance, if you are spinning, running, or elypticaling 5 days a week, you will build extra muscle primarily in your quads and hamstrings so that your body can keep you spinning at that intensity and frequency. 

If you are looking to build a strong upper body and whittle your middle, there are better, less taxing regimens on your joints (and soul) that can get this accomplished. (Mojo anyone?)

Stretch out fully and completely after every. single. workout.
To help get this thought across, I thought this simple analogy might be helpful.

We are well aware of the directions on the back of a shampoo bottle, Wash, rinse repeat.

During an intense workout, we are exhausting our hearts and tearing our muscle fibers, on purpose. We’re getting our bodies “dirty”, per se.

Consider the “directions” on how to repair your muscles after a workout as, “Tear, stretch, repeat”.

Not stretching out completely is the same as putting shampoo in our hair to “wash it”, and not rinsing it out completely. In time, there is a build-up of residue that is unhealthy and will eventually make our hair brittle and dirty….Which is a similar state of our heart, spine, and muscles if we don’t properly go through the motions of tear, stretch, repeat.

If you had a race car, you cannot get away with fueling up with a bottle of OJ.

In order to repair and build gorgeous muscle and fuel up your body to be its best, especially after a workout, you need “premium gas”.

Yummy, decadent minimally-processed meals filled with lean protein, complex carbs, and fiber are your best friends, especially if you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle and stay full.

Lastly, Be NICE to yourself and treat your body like you would your best friend. Treat it with the respect and care it deserves for all it does for you all day and night long, for years on end.

Ten years from now, your future self will be so thankful!
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