December 8, 2015

Re-boot your glutes!

I’ve had a number of Mojo friends say they’d like to re-boot their booty.

I’m glad to oblige! It would help to review a few facts:

  • The Gluteus Maximus, is the largest muscle and strongest muscle in our body
  • No matter its shape, the glutes have a tendency to morph later in life because of shifting hormones and menopausal signals to store fat in the belly rather than the buns. Sad “butt” true (sorry about that)
  • Glutes are a part of our core muscles, which mean they’re at the center of most all our movements. They contract every time we take a step, sit down, turn or squat. They’re also essential to stabilizing our spine and maintaining posture
  • Firming your glutes will give you better posture, help prevent back pain and diffuse your risk of injury

Almost every move we do in Mojo requires contraction and engagement of our glutes, particularly all our extensions, squats, leg lifts and lunges. If for some reason you’re not feeling the strengthening benefits, it’s likely you’re not engaging your core to the full extent and should focus on contracting and tucking in your buttocks when doing those moves. I’ll also be adding some moves to strengthen this area.

 A “No Excuses!” Shout Out… 

Just before yesterday’s session, Lindsey Clark gashed her shin on a sharp piece of furniture. Still smarting, she didn’t want to miss her morning boost. She simply snipped off the 2 inch hanging swath of skin (her words), dropped her little girl off at school and headed to Mojo. That’s one tough young lady!

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