April 7, 2015

Real Power

This quote by TRX founder, Randy Herrick, accurately describes our class…

“Fitness isn’t just strength. It’s having good range of motion in multiple planes.

Real power comes from what your body and gravity can do together.”

In Mojo, our body is like one big weight machine. The freedom from artificial weights allows us to effectively to target large and small muscle groups, while getting excellent cardio benefits. Since our playlist changes constantly, so does the workout which keeps our bodies constantly entertained and challenged.

As with any sport, good form is key to maximizing your intensity and results. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Defy gravity: Don’t give in to momentum to make arm movement easier (flailing). Defy gravity by keeping movements tight and controlled. Your muscles build only after they’re fatiguedIf you don’t challenge them, they will not feel the need to adapt and build. Being sore (not pain) after class is desired. It means your muscles are adapting.
  2. Intensify: Make sure to take advantage of techniques to reach more muscle groups and intensify movement: Use challenging angles (like reaching farther back to access triceps). Make moves higher, lower, faster, slower. Try flexing your wrists and accessing your finger tips to engage more muscle groups.
  3. Core Strength: When targeting your upper body, make sure your entire core is fully engaged and working in harmony (glutes tight, tummy engaged, lower back in gear). Try accessing your arms and shoulders like you’re throwing a ball (correctly). Your whole body needs to be involved, not just the limbs being exercised.

*You should never feel pain in your movements. If this happens, modify with smaller, lower controlled movements… or stop completely to avoid injury.


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