March 29, 2021

How to Reduce Belly Fat

Do you hear that?!Lose belly fat after following these steps!

That’s the sound of fat dripping after you’ve been pumping, jumping, slicing and dicing off that extra layer of
winter (Covid era) fat. One Mojo hour isn’t the easiest workout in town, but we sure have fun!

Thanks to our HIIT training techniques, your metabolism will keep “sizzling” long after you’ve showered. Multi-tasking at its very best.

Science has deemed belly fat as the most dangerous type of fat.

Visceral fat (fat you can’t pinch) wraps around your heart, liver, and kidneys. It fills up the space in your abdominal cavity so there is no room left for your organs, nerves, and vessels to function properly. It’s also a storehouse for toxins that pump directly into our body.

Great news…

Belly fat may be the most dangerous, but it’s also the easiest to lose.

Research has deemed Mojo’s HIIT approach – high intensity interval training- as the smartest and most efficient way to lose belly fat because of its uniquely high calorie burning strength…high or low impact. Though we’re doing actual hi-energy cardio for only 20ish minutes total, the interval effect “tricks” our hearts, our bodies and metabolism into thinking we’ve been doing cardio for a full hour, up to 1000 calories per class.

Better yet, the strengthening benefits of our class continue to increase the burn outside of class. It’s not as easy as the jiggle machine, but it certainly is more fun! The hardest part is getting our brains to lace up our sneakers and cooperate!

Diets high in processed meat contain a variety of chemicals that help preserve shelf life and enhance color which has  been linked migraines, asthma, heart failure, kidney disease and several types of cancer (particularly colorectal cancer).

Steve and I quit bacon (and red meat) a couple years ago, because Steve’s doctor was ready to prescribe him meds for rising cholesterol levels. Almost immediately, Steve’s levels improved 30 points. No meds needed! While I miss the bacon lifestyle of my youth, the sodium was so intense (880 msg), I’d puff up like a sausage in minutes. BUT, I would get back to pre-bacon state by sweating out the toxins – Mojo!

Exercise because you love your body!Exercise Because You Love Your Body!
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