July 20, 2021

Shoe Fetish

Shoes. Over. Everything. 👟

Contracting any kind of exercise-induced injury is not a sign that you should cut exercise out of your lifestyle. Doing so provides a whole host of life-threatening issues – heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. The solution is educating yourself and being proactive against injury.

Your #1 Fitness Accessory…

Many of us will obsess about the right workout clothes but throw on “gardening” sneakers to go workout. THE HORROR 😱

Our shoes are the only protection we have to diffuse the impact of gravity to our bodies. If you are experiencing any knee, back or foot pain, your sneakers are the #1 culprit.

If you were to tell a store clerk you are buying shoes for a “Zumba” or dance class, they will likely give you a cross trainer or court shoe. These types of shoes  provide support moving side to side, but not enough cushion to protect your body from an hour of HIIT Mojo. Most Mojo friends wear running shoes that are engineered to minimize the shock to the body, especially if you choose to do high-impact movements (skipping, jumping).

The newest doctor recommended accessory – Shoe Orthotics!

A majority of our Mojo community have started wearing over-the-counter “sport” orthotics, designed to absorb shock. These inserts provide better cushion and arch support than the original sneaker manufacturer.

I used to think orthotics were for people who were already experiencing pain, but this is not the case. It’s for preventative reasons too. (Love them!)

Tip: Make sure you remove the previous shoe insert before putting in the orthotic.

WORTH REPEATING: you should replace your running shoes as often per year as you work out per week. Shoes age from the inside out. If your shoes look old on the outside, they’re long overdue!

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