April 5, 2020

Snap Out of It w/ Laverne & Shirley…

At the risk of being a party pooper, I’d like to say something out loud that I’ve not really heard said…

Because our lives have been turned upside down and we are living outside-in, we’ve been generally given the “ok” to press the pause button and relax the rules/deadlines a little.

Our hair treatments can wait a few weeks (Ugh!)
Our tax return can be delayed (Yay!)
But not all “rules” can be delayed or canceled without serious repercussions.

Are you experiencing depression, a thicker middle, high blood pressure, diabetes or unhealthy cholesterol?
If you have loosened your exercise regimen, started eating more pre-prepared/fast food, taken up daily drinking and watching the news 24/7, this is not what our brave health care professionals had in mind when they said for us to be “safe” by staying home.

According to behavioral experts, it takes 21 days to develop a good habit. It also takes 21 days to develop a bad habit.

New normals…goats inhabiting towns in Great Britain

As we enter week three of this bizarre nightmare,  I’d like to encourage you to (creatively and playfully) develop new guard rails (good habits) so you can healthfully make the most out of this uncomfortable time and keep ourselves and our families SAFE while living life on the inside.

Here’s Some Mojo-tivation…

Michele and Joanne are a couple young “besties” who remind me of a modern day “Lavern and Shirley”. They’ve been getting through this scary time by pumping each other up and creating laughter–with healthy new habits/traditions. Love them!!!

Michele Cotumaccio (left) and Joanne DiRienzi

Lavern and Shirley, circa 1979

LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY, Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams, 1976-83

From Joanne…
I am living by myself, to help keep my spirits up, I am I doing mojo at minimum 5 times a week. Michele and I regularly text about it to check in and make sure that we’re both still doing it and that our energy level is still amped up! You have no idea how much this is helping me stay sane during all of this. It makes me feel a sense of normalcy. Without it, I might go crazy!! 

From Michele…
Mojo online has been keeping me moving. I actually took my laptop outside to do some it in the sun. It was great! Joanna and I even did a zoom mojo class-together but apart. It was so nice to have a buddy and move! 

Missing a sense of normal?

We all are. Don’t wait for things to change. It’s up to YOU to create YOUR new normal. Keep moving. Feel the blood pumping through your heart and enjoy a mini vacation OUTSIDE of your head.

It’s truly amazing how much better you will feel!!!

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