November 30, 2020

Snap out of it!

With warnings of COVID becoming more dire and the weather getting colder, the inclination to hide under layers, surrender to comfort food and our slippers become more alluring.

Likewise, the “reasons” to avoid a good sweat become even easier to validate.

Snap out of it!

High blood pressure, cholesterol and cortisol levels are on the sidelines chipping away at our mental and physical health. Extra weight around our middle (visceral fat) not only puts strain on our heart, internal organs and joints, it starts weighing on our overall happiness as well. FYI. every one pound gained puts an additional 4lbs of pressure on our knees when taking a step.

Great news! 

Science is definitive: HIIT workouts (Mojo!) allow for the most powerful weight loss results in the least time. Intervals mix short, intense bouts of exercise with lower intensity, strength building movements. This mixture allows us to play “games” with our heart rate making it wake-up, adapt. As a result, our body’s metabolism increases which means we’re burning more calories 24/7

#11 Mojo HIIT workouts creatively incorporate upper & lower body strength-training maneuvers throughout each session. This further increases our metabolic benefits and simultaneously builds pretty muscles.

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