April 7, 2015

Surprise it off!

Fatigue isn’t the result of exercise, it’s the goal. The moment your body feels fatigue is the when your muscles start building, your heart rate perks up and fat starts to sizzle off. Has your body has become complacent?  Weight creeping up?  Surprising your workout with bursts of higher intensity (anaerobic) movements dramatically spikes metabolism and weight loss, and we do plenty of them in class. This can be whether you’re 15 or 65 – hi or low impact. Start small at first and go from there. Even a tiny boost of intensity can do wonders for your metabolism. For many of us, just moving nonstop for an entire hour is plenty intense so please be nice to yourself and surprise wisely.

Janey Antoian is a cautious, petite, 59 year young Mojo friend. Last Wed, her Fitbit registered 740 calories burned and 7000 steps, in our one hour class using low impact, hi intensity movement (this is more than many hi impact aerobic workouts). The Mojo secret is accessing your upper body equally to your lower body. If you would like any personal tips on how to take your low impact to another level, please let me know and I am glad to share!

Little Tweaks BIG Impact
No challenge, no change

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