November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving Treat

In the last 9 months (seems like 9 years!), our lives have changed more than any of us could have imagined.

While many of us have been hit harder than others, we’ve all been on this incredulous, grit-inducing journey together. We are constantly reminded that life is beautiful, but it can be brutal.

If you are struggling, you are not alone. Hang in there and keep fighting. Even if they are itty bitty baby steps and booty pumps, keep moving forward. Every step matters.

For most of us, Thanksgiving will be more low key this year. With the gift of music and dance, there is never a need to stop the party.

If you don’t already, I strongly encourage you to turn up the tunes (often) and dance around the kitchen, the family room and on the back porch this holiday season. It’s a non-caloric, mind-altering, energy blasting drug that  brings JOY into any room… and it’s free. I GUARANTEE you will feel better – mentally and physically.

Want some company?

For some metabolic ammunition, we just uploaded “All Together Now”, our newest 45 minute class. 

This session was our very first LIVE class that was simultaneously LIVEstreamed. It’s a little rough around the edges (I resemble a lounge singer), but it sure is energizing!

As a fitness choreographer, I am particularly pumped about this upload because you will see so many different styles, exercise levels and age groups (from 25 to 72) all sweating-it-out together. Everyone has their own delicious “mojo” and appreciation for what what their body and brains can do.

I am also moved at how our friends were not self-conscious about crazy-dancing in front of a camera. They were simply sharing their energy with our extended Mojo community – which is a completely different (magical) mind set. We’re just having fun and getting an excellent HIIT workout with friends all over the world. In this new era, this is a GIFT that cannot be underestimated. I LOVE MY JOB!

If you’re interested in giving our award-winning, video library a whirl, please do!
If you’ve been away, we’d love to get your energy back. 
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I am so thankful to all of you for continuing to sharing a small part of your journey with us.

Through Mojo, the party never has to end and we are all in better shape, 
mentally and physically, for it :-)

Warm Sunshine for Days

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