May 29, 2020

Tips for Exercising & Staying Motivated At Home

I hope this note finds you and your families well and holding steady.

I want to thank so many of you who have touched base and kind enough to share personal stories of strength and inspiration within our Mojo community. While this is such an unsettling time, there is comfort in knowing that we’re ALL in the same boat. And while we may be “alone”, we’re still connected. Thanks to your generous energy, I have an arsenal of mojo-tivational nuggets I look forward to sharing in the coming weeks.

Feeling Thick? Grumpy? Sluggish?

Odds are, this new lifestyle blip has you sitting, eating and drinking a little more than usual. Even if you’ve been “good”, adding a little more snacking, imbibing and Netflix to your daily lifestyle WILL eventually add up, especially if your weekly workouts have been compromised.

Great news.

Science is definitive in that adding regular and consistent HIIT & strengthening workouts to your life is the quickest and safest way to get your body – and your numbers – back on track. Thanks to Mojo Online, CRAZY dancing in your family room is a fun, family friendly and de-stressing way to do it.

I’m pumped to share that we just uploaded a 37 minute treasure trove of heart-pumping JOY to our online library. I’ve named it, “Feels Like Home”.

I have zero doubt it will it will trigger a “heck yes!” to your metabolism and a big ole’ SMILE in your heart.

Not sure Mojo Online is your “thing”? 

I’ve uploaded a mini FREE Mojo Online session (six full routines) for you to try at home and share with friends/family who might want to give it a whirl. 

Rosanne Terzian, “
Party Mix with my daughter Elyse this morning! Thank you Cindy!!”

Laura Puzo, right, with daughter Tori 

Laura Puzo is a three year Mojo Online friend. She just sent me this wonderful idea for those people (like me) who enjoy the energy (and push) of working out with others.

“My daughter, Tori, and I have been doing Mojo together from afar. She is in grad school in Florida and is staying there for now but stuck in her apartment. Since she can’t go to the gym, we use Duo (Google version of Facetime) on our phones to watch each other and use our computers to stream the classes simultaneously.
We mute our phones so it can be funny sometime when we are out of sync. We try to start the video at the same time but occasionally one of us is ahead of the other. We do love Mojo!”

The hardest part of an “at home” workout, is following through and pushing yourself the entire session.

My daughter, Vivian Grace is another seasoned Mojo Online friend
(Until age 16, she thought Mojo was “embarrassing”, LOL) Last night, Grace sent me this screenshot of her numbers from her Mojo online workout to the “Boys” 52 minute playlist. She ROCKED it.

Knowing we have lots of friends who are new to the online genre,
she gave me some wonderful “at home” workout advice to 
share with you…

  1. Turn off your phone
  2. Turn the music really loud so you can’t hear anything going on outside the room.
  3. Tell everyone in the house you need some time to yourself (if you have people quarantining with you).
  4. Just put everything you have into it because you’re going to feel 100 TIMES BETTER after getting out that cooped up energy.

Thank Vivee!!! xoxo

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