June 5, 2020

Unwanted House Guests? Getting Rid of Inflammation

I hope you all are as pumped about summer as I am!

While we celebrated the holiday intimately with family, it was quite festive. We spent an evening in Passyunk where we ordered a delicious spread from one our family favorites, Bing Bing Dim Sum. (Yum Yum!)

I have zero regrets, but I was blown away by the amount of inflammation I incurred – in the form of water retention – after just one meal. Yikes! Our sweet summer cocktails were likely accomplices as well.

Per family tradition, my food baby, “Paul”, has joined me for an extended visit. I CANNOT WAIT to work off all these goodies this week. (No offense, Paul!)

While inflammation occurs in the form of bloating,
it also rears it’s angry head in the form of wrinkles, arthritis, and disease.

Some of the most common inflammation culprits include:
Saturated fats (cheese/pizza), sugar (desserts, fruit juices), alcohol (wine), and MSG (Asian food)

Thinking you need to deprive of food or push your body to extremes in order to live a youthful and healthy life is so old school. 

You can live a decadent and sustainable life simply knowing which types of food to eat LESS–and by knowing how to burn and compost your food with a brain boosting, fat busting HIIT session (Mojo!)

This article is short, sweet and very enlightening
8 Foods & Ingredients That Cause Inflammation: Arthritis, Bloating,Pain

The easiest tip to getting healthy yet, drink lots of WATER! Water is a miracle chemical. It not only keeps your skin young and fresh, but it helps flush unwanted guests (toxins) OUT of your body.

Just. Keep. MOVING!
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